• Pet Shop BoysVocal (Flashmob Remix)

Released: 22.07.13

Available exclusively on Beatport: http://po.st/bpPSB

Italians Danny Minchella and Alessandro Magani aka Flashmob bring their Mediterranean touch to one of Britain's most distinguished groups this July. Without question one of the most successful duos in UK music history, Pet Shop Boys have had a huge impact on electronic music ever since forming over thirty years ago, and they show no signs of slowing down. Here Flashmob remix a track from their upcoming album 'Electric'. Wanting to return to their routes in dance music Pet Shop Boys say they aimed to achieve a true "dance record", and 'Vocal' is one that Flashmob have transformed into an exhilarating and blissful club anthem. From the word go we are entered into a state of euphoria, utilising Neil Tennant's hypnotizing voice and accompanying it with gracious synths to administer a gentle and uplifting alternative to the English pair's pumping original.

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