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Official video for “Cry Me Out” by is a song by English recording artist Pixie Lott from her debut album, Turn It UP (2009). Written by Lott, Mads Hauge, Phil Thornalley and Colin Campsie, and produced by Hauge and Thornalley, the song was released digitally in the United Kingdom on 22 November 2009 as the album's 3rd single; it also became her first ballad single. The song is a slow-paced traditional soul ballad that has a combination of a soft piano medley and light drum beats as it’s backing to her pop vocals. The video has a black and white theme and features Pixie Lott performing ballet in an empty room. Cutting into scenes of her lying on a table surrounded by men, as if she is there as their meal. It begins with a man crying while she walks down a set of stairs. She then can be seen doing model poses in a classic-styled home. She then looks at herself in a mirror. The following scene involves Pixie Lott dressed in a gothic manner, she then turns on the record player in a different room before involving herself in a ballet dance of her own and later, having an emotional breakdown. She is then situated lying down on a lengthy table surrounded by men once again, Later, she can be seen walking through a corridor as other ballet dancers can be seen dancing to and from between the rooms visible in the corridor behind and in front of Lott. The final scene involves Lott swimming with her dress on underwater and dancing in the ballet room with the other ballet dancers before lying in a swimming costume and holding a cocktail glass while sitting on a chair adjacent to a swimming pool with six ballet dancers dancing inside of it. In the UK chart the song peaked at No. 12 6th December 2009, and remained there for two weeks.

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