• Psy'AviahOn My Own (Music Video)

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on YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWaiNwqzqTc

on VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/47770516


Music Video for the track "On My Own" (taken from the 2011 album "Introspection ~ Extrospection") directed and animated by Emily Weeks (http://emilyweeksart.blogspot.be/).

"On My Own" is nominated for an HMMA 2012 award in category POP. We asked Emily Weeks to make an animated music video for this track based on her earlier work (e.g. her animated short "Sweater Wolf" @ https://vimeo.com/23228829, made during her time with the California Institute of the Arts). We love the distinct drawing style and her ability to tell a story using her animation skills, we hope you'll enjoy this music video for "On My Own", which is tightly linked to the meaning of the song.


In the town I lived, there is no more time.

In the town I lived, there is no more space.

Through the woods I walked, but they are no more.

And the animals they have long gone.

By the lake I dwelled, let my mind be free.

But now the shores are dry, this won't be coming back.

In the fields I played, there is no more green.

In the feels I ran, I seem to stand alone.

On my own, there is no one left to embrace,

On my own, there is no one left in this place.

In my mind I thrive, there I find peace.

In my mind I live, there I try to find.

What we lost somehow, lost along the way.

I try to relive, I stand alone.

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