• Quantum IllusionQuantum Illusion First Album preview "Between the Quantum and the Void"

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Release date for this Album, 5 september 2011



Album Tracks: 1 Souls Catchers, 2 Alien Hunters, 3 Echoes from Another Life, 4 Electric Nirvana, 5 Between the Quantum and the Void, 6 Good Times, 7 Anima Immortalis

Quantum Illusion is an Italian Heavy/Progressive/Industrial/Psychedelic Metal Project, founded in 2010 by Valerio Petretto, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Sound Engineer and Composer. Dark and Mystic atmospheres, inspired from Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater but created in a sophisticated research of original sounds and grooves, takes Heavy and Progressive Metal out of their classical boundaries and throw the music into new territories.

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