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Quinteto Lisboa is a project that brings together musicians Jo�o Gil, Jos� Peixoto and Fernando J�dice and vocalists Mar�a Berasarte and H�lder Moutinho.

The story that Quinteto de Lisboa wants to share is a simple one. It is based on the same creative style that gave rise to the music projects that emerged in the 80s. Just as in those days, it's all about lending fado a new soul, leading composers and performers to find the best of Portuguese music.

Back in the 80s, the pioneers were Madredeus and Ala dos Namorados, who eventually spread a new take on popular urban music across the world. In the case of Madredeus, the group brought together musicians from other pop bands that had previously been successful in Portugal. On the other hand, Ala dos Namorados were also made up of musicians from other projects related to post-protest music and Portuguese traditional and urban music.

Thus, Quinteto Lisboa is a project that emerges from the bond formed over several years between the songwriting duo Jo�o Monge (lyrics) and Jo�o Gil (songwriting and guitar) - both founding fathers of Ala dos Namorados - and two songwriters who were part of Madredeus' second line-up: Jos� Peixoto (guitar) and Fernando J�dice (bass). Vocals are by H�lder Moutinho and Maria Berasarte.

The former is a fado singer from the 90s generation who is part of the fado music scene, having released three albums, one of which was the winner of a best fado album award (Am�lia Rodrigues Awards, 2005). Singer Mar�a Berasarte was born in San Sebastian in the Basque Country. After several collaborations with famous Spanish musicians and songwriters, including Javier Limon and Jos� Lu�s Mont�n, she recorded her first album, Todas Las Horas Son Viejas, which was critically acclaimed in Portugal as the best fado album recorded by a foreign singer.

After composing great songs for the bands Trovante, Ala dos Namorados, Filarm�nica Gil, Rio Grande, Fados de Amor e Pecado and Baile Popular, composers Jo�o Monge and Jo�o Gil felt the overwhelming need to create something that highlighted the "movement" towards what feels like the "new Portuguese Urban Music" (PUM).

Quinteto Lisboa has therefore come along at exactly the right time for a new musical genre that stems from the desire to be truly Portuguese.

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