• Rebecca FergusonGlitter & Gold


Rebecca Ferguson official music video for Glitter and Gold. Glitter and Gold is a song performed by Rebecca Ferguson. This video features a new performance of Glitter and Gold by Rebecca Ferguson live on her 2012 tour. The performance is at the Echo Arena in her hometown of Liverpool. Rebecca's album Heaven was released in December and has sold half a million copies. It was certified platinum within two weeks. Ferguson worked hard on co-writing each song on her debut album Heaven after graduating from X Factor academy. This soulful track has been compared to Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep' and captures the passion and emotional expression of the artist in a full-swing live setting. With roots in blues, soul and pop, Rebecca Ferguson is the real deal; she’s got the voice of a 1960’s jazz siren and the pop sensibility to appeal to modern ears. Glitter and Gold is a delicious fusion of old and new and is a showcase of all the Liverpool-born songstress’ multiple talents. The lyrics are mournful and powerful with lines like “All that glitter and all that gold won't buy you happy, riding wild horses you can’t control... take care of your soul” suggesting the singer hasn’t lost her way among the glitz and glamour that comes with her X Factor fame. Echoing the soul-diva passion of a bygone era, Glitter and Gold is sure to appeal to fans of Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray alike. Rebecca Ferguson is an undeniable talent and one that is sure to prove its staying power for years to come.

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