Tales of Dystopia is track 02 from the single "Endless Forms" which is available on Idle Hands.


This is an official audio stream from Idle Hands. Distributed by Kudos.

About This Release:

The last few years has seen a series of well received releases from Rhythmic Theory, the anonymous techno producer lurking in the shadows of the Bristol music scene.

'Endless Forms' is their second release for Idle Hands and follows on from where the previous EP 'Legacy of the Lost' left off. The title track delves deeper into the sonic realms of classic jungle and comes up for air sounding like dub techno. A weighty bass line propels things along, whilst a sci-fi voice intones the title. This one is a sound system rocker.

'Tales of Dystopia' brings to mind early nineties Uk techno with its haunting synths, swung beats and deadly bass line. Rhythmic Theory is killing it at the moment, expect more to come.

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