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Rihanna official music video for the song ‘S&M’. ‘S&M’ is a song performed by Rihanna. Released as Rihanna’s 4th single in the US from her 2010 album ‘Loud’, S&M is a electro-pop track that cleverly samples synthesizer lines from Depeche Mode’s song ‘Master and Servant’ from 1984. The track has a distinctly European vibe to it with electronic beats, synths and keyboards giving it a retro 1980’s feel. Not surprisingly, ‘S&M’ features lyrics about themes such as sadomasochism, bondage and sexual fetishism. The overtly sexual lyrics drew a lot of heat towards the Barbados-born R&B starlet, however other critics touted ‘S&M’ as one of the best songs from Rihanna’s 2010 album ‘Loud’. The music video was directed by Melina Matsoukas and was, in part, Rihanna's response to critics who Rihanna with whom had a mixed relationship. The video scene portrays some softcore sadomasochistic acts and sexualised scenes involving fetishized sexual acts. Due to its content, the video was banned in many countries and was restricted to night-time television in others. Critics complimented the beautiful use of colour in the S&M video and Rihanna's sensuality, but photographer David LaChapelle alleged that the video incorporates ideas from a photo shoot he developed Vogue Italia magazine, filing a lawsuit in the process which resulted in Rihanna being ordered to pay LaChapelle an undisclosed sum of money. The song ‘S&M’ is an electro-pop dance-floor filler featuring on Rihanna’s 5th studio album ‘Loud’ which also contains the hit tracks "Only Girl (In the World)", "What's My Name?" (featuring Drake), "Raining Men" (featuring fellow R&B icon Nicki Minaj), "California King Bed" and "Man Down".

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