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This is the official music video for "Radioactive” by the British singer, songwriter Rita Ora. This song is off her debut studio album “Ora” which featured many other songs that were in the top 10 on the UK Singles Chart. The song was co-written by Sia Furler and Greg Kurstin. The music video was directed by Emil Nava and was recorded in Hackney, East London.

 The song “Radioactive” by Rita Ora is an uptempo dance song with influences of electronic and R&B music. The song promotes a fun, party, out-going lifestyle. It also gives the message of people coming together’ “We untite”. The lyrics also talk about Rita being in a nightclub and seeing a guy she likes “I’m checking you out in your sweet desire”.

 The music video is very futuristic. It is set in a very electronic age. Fashion takes a big place in “Radioactive”. First Rita is seen wearing a leotard and a chunky bronze jacket. In this seen she is very hyper and active because she is jumping and dancing. In the second seen she is spinning around in a chair wearing a zebra outfit, including a zebra fur coat and zebra glasses with two men wear suits and gasmasks standing in front of her. In the third scene of “Radioactive” she in sitting on the ground doing a lot of hand movements wearing an skintight leather onzie and silver high heels.

 ID LATOR says “she’s headed to space in the video for her new single “Radioactive.” The Sia-penned cut is easily one of the standout tracks from Ora’s debut LP, with its pounding house production and soaring chorus, but the video doesn’t pack quite as powerful of a punch.” “While the spacey set design and effects were surely intended to look futuristic, here, they just look campy, and while Ora’s styling is typically gorgeous, there isn’t much drama in the action, which is pretty passive.”

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