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'Be A Boy' is the third single release from Robbie's ninth studio album 'Take The Crown'. The first track released, 'Candy' had huge success in the UK, hitting #1 there in late 2012, and around Europe.


The song was written by Robbie Williams Tim Metcalfe and Flynn Francis, and was produced by Jacknife Lee.

The video is mostly performance based, showing the international pop star on a neon-lit stage singing 'Be A Boy'. The clips are taken from his recent live dates around Europe. The video is also splashed with images from his long, illustrious solo career, mostly in black and white, a must-watch for any Robbie Williams fan.

The lyrics are about the expectations young men have for themselves, Williams himself includd, as he sings the opening line of "When you’re young you hope to be Menacing in vanity 6 feet tall, maybe more". The shout-out-loud chorus, however, is about how great it is to be young and ends with "Now I could make this last forever And be a boy, and be a boy".


The sound from 'Be A Boy' is a change from his recent albums and is more like the electro-pop of 'Intensive Care'. The saxaphone that opens the track and chanting backing vocals are nice touchs to the busy underlying mid-tempo syntho notes.

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