• Ryan O'ShaughnessyNo Name


“No Name” is the debut single from former Britain’s Got Talent 2012 contestant Ryan O’Shaughnessy. His original composition was a declaration of love to a girl he’s been friends with for years. Except this girl doesn’t know how he feels. Simon Cowell spots the story potential in this – pointing out that if his audition makes it to TV, then that’ll be the first time the girl finds out. Hopeless romantics in the stadium all sigh in unison. Interestingly, Ryan refused to give the girl’s name. The song’s title? ‘No Name‘. Clever right?

David Walliams:

“I can’t believe she won’t go out with you. It’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard sung incredibly well. It was absolutely astonishing, well done”

Alesha Dixon:

“Ryan that was really sweet and sincere I just really enjoyed it. And I felt it, it was very lovely well done”

Simon Cowell:

“I think you got a brilliant sense of melody. I think your lyrics were superb and I love your voice. You did great – really good”

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