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Finality: A Rybird Music Video Production

For custom audio or video work visit: http://www.rybird.com/rybird-music-licensing.html

This music video, Finality, by Rybird, merely entertains an idea of the end. It is not It is not an original idea, and there are as many end of time scenarios as there are people to envision them.

"Live by the sword, die by the sword". We were created by space debris and may be destroyed the same way. Unlike cars, people do not control planets and asteroids, therefore the destruction will be divine. I make no prediction how or when the end will actually happen, but nothing lasts forever.

When the endtime comes, people may flee underwater, to outerspace or far reaches of the Earth, but when the Earth is no longer, even the people in space will run out of supplies.

Are we to worry? That is a philosophical and religious question and could be answered in many ways.

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