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What you are about to witness is not music at all... it is rather the opening of the ethereal plane set to sacred geometric patterns in acoustical form. The lovecraftian vista of chaos and disorder here presented is but a window into realms of your own psyche, realms I have explored and mapped for you. So, close your eyes relax and simply open your mind...

I’ll see you on the other side.

*-Nathan tucker-*

Is a mystic-met physicist specializing in bastardology... the necronomicon and demonolicia Inspired him to explore the world of shadow within a mirror attuned by sacred rites into the spheres of chaos; what he brought back caused a paradigm shift of consciousness opening his third eye resulting, ultimately, in experienced union with the quantum realm expressed in visual form as 'the void light' [in Tibetan lore]. he here presents the results of those Explorations as notes produced by an electric fender cp-90 bass guitar run through various Effects aligned with certain geomancy principles and masked by the fore-sounds of the synthesizer of Rybird (aka Paul Brown)

Tucker has teamed up with another communicate to embark into this Cosmos. This would be Paul Brown, mastermind of electro artist and synthist extraordinaire Rybird, to form the pattern that will navigate the infinite and conquer the spaces between. Brown also born of a finite planet earth has earned the Cardinal as the visual representation of the flight from the finite into the unfamiliar Cosmos of sound and expression.

Experience Tucker-Brown in your own cosmic endeavor and be released from the finite world as you have come to bounds with.

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