• SebadohWinkBall talks to Sebadoh fans

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Sebadoh have had a rocky history on the indie rock scene, but were back to perform for their fans at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town on Monday 22nd August 2011. The band formed in 1986, hailing from Westfield, Massachusetts in America, with alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr. bass player Lou Barlow. The group helped pioneer the lo-fi scene of indie rock, which was characterised by the low quality of the recordings and equipment used, paving the way for many other independent bands. In their time they released nine albums and compilations between 1989 and 1999, toured the world and picked up a lot of loyal fans on the way, all the while shifting their roster and making tough musical decisions about their future as a band. WinkBall reporters Lucio and Joe went to see the excited fans gathered to find out what they hoped to see in the performance and how the gig turned out in the end.

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