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Sigur Rós official music video for Ekki Mukk. Ekki Mukk is a song performed by Sigur Rós. The first single to be released from Sigur Rós’ upcoming album titled Valtari, Ekki Mukk’ is over seven minutes of ethereal, ghostly aesthetic delight. The new album by the Icelandic sound-crafters, Valtari, (meaning “steamroller” in Icelandic), is set to be released May 28th and marks a change in direction for the group away from the epic and cinematic brand of volcanic music associated with Sigur Rós. Lead singer and guitarist Jónsi Birgisson compared the album to "an avalanche in slow motion”, while bassist Georg Holm has referred to a new style emerging in the band, describing the latest release sounding "More electric stuff than before. But don't worry, we haven't made a dance record." The news of the release of a brand new album ‘Valtari’ in 2012 and tour dates will come as welcome relief to the bands hard-core following who might be excused for believing that the band were on the verge of calling it quits. The band had shown all the signs of grinding to a halt; since the band’s last album ‘Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust’ which was released to wide-spread critical acclaim in 2008, front man Jónsi launched a side project with partner Alex Somers and also penned the soundtrack for the motion picture ‘We Bought A Zoo’. The music video for seven-minute think-piece ‘Ekki Mukk’ shows a boat floating high above the ocean’s waterline, allowing the viewer to focus on the eerie music and drift off as the mind wanders high over icy peaks and swoop down into deep glacial valleys.

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