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'I Knew You Were Trouble' is the third promotional single from American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift's latest studio album 'Red'.

The track was released in late 2012 and hit #1 on the US Billboard Pop Songs as well as making a strong showing in charts around the world. 'I Knew You Were Trouble' is Swift's 14th Top Ten hit after success with the likes of 'Love Story' and 'Romeo and Juliet'.


'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together', the debut single from 'Red' (her fourth recorded album) moved away from her tradional country style of music. Her latest single 'I Knew You Were Trouble' continues going more mainstream,  a pop song that experiments with a little dubstep.


The lyrics are about a good-girl falling for a bad-boy, even after spotting all the warning signs before their relationship even started. Many critics believe the song is based on her own dating experience with One Direction womanizer Harry Styles, who she was alledgedley dating in 2012. The chaotic, up and down chorus apparantly match her on feelings at the time.


The video begins with Swift talking ruefully about falling for a bad-ass ex of hers, flashing between shots of them happy together and her trying to get over him after he's gone.The song then begins and the video continues this way, telling the story of their relationship and the party lifestyle he introduced her to.

However, the second half shows how unreliable and dangerous her boyfriend really was, and continuously flashes back to the singer wandering around an abandoned campsite, devestated. The lines "I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now... Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground" show the hurt the singer felt when writing this song.

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