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The Horrors official music video for Changing The Rain. Changing The Rain is a song performed by The Horrors. Hailing from Southend on Sea, The Horrors are a British post-punk garage rock band on XL recordings who made their debut album ‘Strange House’ in 2007. While The Horrors’ second LP ‘Primary Colours’ gained the band much media attention with their dark My Bloody Valentine styled sound with shades of Bauhaus, the new album ‘Skying’ which was released in July 2011 has a pleasing pop foundation which gives their shoegaze dreariness an added bit of pep and structure on which the record hangs neatly together. Album opener ‘Changing The Rain gives a good sense of the direction of the album displaying multiples layers of coloured sound, signifying the bands movement into new territories. The official music video for The Horrors track brings the shady black-and-white band into sublime technicolour panorama, with kaleidoscopic spiralling rainbow imagery. It’s a sign of a band that let their imagination run riot and is a fitting tribute to the ‘Changing The Rain’ track. In it, five disembodied Horror-heads fly in pursuit of ancient Mayan gold but alas end up in space on a visit to the centre of the sun (as you do). The video is directed by Pete Fowler, long-time Super Furry Animals collaborator who proves that his pairing with The Horror’s new brand of shoegaze-pop is a match made in heaven. ‘Changing The Rain’ appears on The Horrors’ third LP entitled ‘Skying’ which was released on 11 July 2011 on XL recordings, home of other forward thinking artists such as Radiohead, Sigur Rós, Vampire Weekend, The xx and the late Gil-Scott Heron.

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