• Elbee BADIve Seen The Future In The Sky (The Nervous Remixx)


Ive Seen The Future In The Sky is track 03 from the EP "(i C The Future) We're In The Sky!" which is available on Voodoo Tracks.


This is an official audio stream from Voodoo Tracks. Distributed by Kudos.

About This Release:

Voices speak on Elbee Bads â'‚¬ËœIn The Skyâ'‚¬'„¢

"Somewhere up in the sky...That's the spirit, good and bad, for legends and other space

cowboys. The Space for original characters like Elbee Bad, who did his thing back in New York in the 80ies with his early House EP on NuGroove - with a big bang and Elbee was there, from the very beginning till now.â'‚¬Å“

(WordandSound, Oct. 2011)

â'‚¬Å“In the Skyâ'‚¬Â is a big, big housetrack, that indeed is able to open new spacesâ'‚¬Â

(Holger Klein in: Groove Magazin, 16.10.2011)

: Oh yeah, the Prince of Dance Music. Clearly in top form with that track. While the Summer was still reserved to his cooperation with Gerd on 4Lux, Elbee Bad meditates here in a little quieter surrounding. Soft, round and with the right portion of preacher we are gathering together in the sky.â'‚¬Å“]

(Sascha Kösch in: DE BUG, 27.09.2011)

"a true school house pioneer that even DJ HELL couldnâ'‚¬'„¢t resist to capture his talent for retro-perspective releases of his on â'‚¬Å“International Deejay Gigoloâ'‚¬Â & peepz like Matias Aguayo and his Cómeme-Posse often call on him.

The Prince of Danceâ'‚¬Å“ presents the Soundtrack for all forthcoming mars-missions & delivers the welcome theme song for all the freaks in space and time. â'‚¬Å“In the Skyâ'‚¬Â is House music with a 100% lift-off guarantee, how only a true veteran can do.â'‚¬Å“

(Yore Records, July 2011)

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