• The RaveonettesCurse the Night


Danish post-punk duo The Ravonettes have revealed their brand new music video for Curse The Night, which is taken from their September release Observator.

The music video for Curse The Night has been directed by fellow Danish filmmakers Storm/Hansen and features a group of children that are led by a group of Drummer Boys, who then commit armed robbery.

The music video does have a rather eerie feel to it but it suits the lyrics to the single perfectly. The Ravonettes took a very active role in directing the music video and played a key role in choosing the right children to participate in the band of unruly kids who end up prowling the night’s streets.

The Ravonettes members, Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo don’t actually appear in the music video for Curse The Night but if you keep a watchful eye you might see them appear on posters that are dotted around the streets.

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