• The ThermalsAn Interview with Vintage Shopping With The Thermals

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With their latest offering Personal Life, The Thermals trade familiar barbs on politics, religion and the like for some slightly unexpected musings on love and relationships. Less angsty, though no less exciting, Hutch Harris, Kathy Foster, and Westin Glass use the record to crack open their lives to the listeners just a bit. So what was our response to the band's sudden candor on record? ? Well, we made the band hang out with us in real lifewe made The Thermals take us shopping!

Records, vintage clothing, Williamsburgthe conditions were perfect when the band swung through town a few weeks back. You saw the good old fashioned crate digging adventure the band took us on when they descended upon Sound Fix Records in Brooklyn. Now the band shift focus to their sassy style, rummaging the racks at Beacon's Closet in search of perfect/disgusting vintage finds. Word to the wise, per Hutch Harris: "Don't buy vintage'cause it smells".

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