• The WantedAll Time Low


The Wanted official music video for the song ‘All Time Low’. ‘All Time Low’ is a song performed by The Wanted. Released as the debut single from The Wanted’s debut self-titled album, ‘All Time Low’ ironically became a huge success, reaching #1 in the UK charts despite its foreboding title. An upbeat dance-pop track , ‘All Time Low’ is a catchy tune which is all about the difficulty of having someone always on your mind. Max George from the band described in an interview his own interpretation of the song: "It's basically about a girl you can't get out of your mind - whatever you do, you just can't - and it describes how to get up from this all-time low." The official music video for ‘All Time Low’ follows band members Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes crooning in an old derelict building with explosive red flares adding a touch of drama to the proceedings. The track was followed by successful singles ‘Heart Vacancy’ and ‘Lose My Mind’. The Wanted have already captured the hearts of thousands of teenage girls with their boyish charm and lush good looks, proving to be the hottest boy-band of the year. Their second album ‘Battleground’ sees the boys break away from their squeaky-clean image, releasing singles ‘Glad You Came’, ‘Warzone’, ‘Lightning’ and ‘Gold Forever’ –the album being released in the US with huge commercial success.

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