• TruefireQuantum Rock - Latin Groove Solo 1

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In this solo I talk about hybrid picking and the use of the arpeggios over the chords. I start off by showing you the use of the B minor scale and then how just outlining a few notes of the chord can really bring a hip sound to the solo. I also talk about the use of scatting and how this can make us a much more vocal guitarist. Remember we want to pull the ideas out of our soul and mind so in that case, singing can help to present what we are actually hearing! Then we will talk about some Vai-type bending techniques and even some half step leading tone ideas. Don’t be afraid to have repeating lines throughout your solo. They give the listener something to grab on to, almost like a mini melody or head. Be sure to check out Chick Corea and Guthrie Govan for some very similar lines and influences.

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