• DJ EastwoodU Ain't Ready (Untold 2010 Remix)


U Ain't Ready is track 02 from the EP "U Ain't Ready" which is available on No Hats No Hoods.


This is an official audio stream from No Hats No Hoods. Distributed by Kudos.

About This Release:

Following the release of the critically acclaimed Ruff Sqwad 'White Label Classics' at the end of 2012, No Hats No Hoots return with a 12" from DJ Eastwood. Originally released in 2003 on white label vinyl, 'You Ain't Ready' sold over 5000 copies and even earned Eastwood a guest mix on the late John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show.

This classic 8-bar grime instrumental and pirate radio anthem continues to be a staple at Dirty Canvas and Sidewinder and still regularly features at Wiley's Eskimo Dance events - a true classic of a genre.

The first remix to arrive back in the No Hats inbox was Hemlock Recordings heavyweight Untold's "2010 Remix", a full-on assault complete with his signature experimental percussion. Spooky's remix comes in strong with it's dirty saw wave bassline, orchestral stabs and pizzicato strings inspired by the original.

Support comes from Toddla T, Blackdown, Mistajam, Logan Sama, Plastician, Spyro, Barely Legal, Magic, JJ,Maximumand Randomer.


1. You Ain't Ready (Spooky's Remix)

2. You Ain't Ready (Untold 2010 Remix)

3. You Ain't Ready

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