• WinkballBlack Joe Lewis and the Hunnybears at Jazz Cafe

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Many people believe that the days of true rhythm and blues music are a thing of the past but Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears have proved otherwise. Hailing from Austin Texas Joe Lewis first picked up a guitar whilst working at a pawnshop and he’s never put it down since.

The band came together in 2007 and has since released an EP and two albums ‘Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!’ (2009) and ‘Scandalous’ (2011). Know for their authentically gritty, funky, soulful flavour the group has steadily cemented themselves into the history of R&B

WinkBall were at Jazz Café to capture the passion of fans attending the bands first stop on their European tour in promotion of their latest album. Our citizen reporters captured the passion of those in attendance and found out just what is it about Black Joe Lewis and the Hunnybears that makes their music so addictive! Let us know what you think about the group by recording a reply to this wall and have your say!

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