• Wretch 32Muzu chats to Wretch32


In this video, MUZU.TV caught up with British rapper Wretch 32 and spoke about his new release Wretchrospective. Wretch 32 discussed what it was like working with Cheryl Cole on their single collaboration on Screw You. Wretch 32 said that him and Cheryl still speak to each other and maybe one day they will rekindle the relationship and work together on a new single. Also in the video, Wretch 32 spoke about who he collaborated with on his own album Wretchrospective and said that he delved deep into the Grime Scene to pull together some brilliant artists. These included Chipmunk and Scorcher. Wretch 32 said that everyone in the Grime Scene pulls together as they are all a close knit community and wall want to help put each other’s music on the map. In the video, Wretch 32 also mentions that he has been in contact with Chris Martin about working on a new single together and that he was also left star struck when he met Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls.

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