• Wretch 32Wretchrospective Track By Track


In this video, MUZU.TV spoke to Wretch 32 about his new release Wretchrospective and he gave us the lowdown on what influenced him to make the album. MUZU.TV caught up with Wretch 32 at whilst he was recording at the Red Bull Studios in London. He was kind enough to take a break from his session to give us the background on the album. Since being thrown out of his home at the age of sixteen, Wretch 32 has had lots of life experiences to draw on. This can be seen by some of the lyrics he uses in his singles which are emotive and also informative over what he had to go through. Wretch 32 said that his favourite single on the album is Be Cool but he loves performing Ina Di Ghetto live as it gets the biggest reaction from the crowds.

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