• Zack Ghaly feat. HD-FlatMusicDishTV Presents "Superstar" By Zack Ghaly Feat. Rapper HD-Flat

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Zack Ghaly's music video "Superstar" is colorful with cosmic and dazzling images, as the lyrics are displayed in synch with the phrasing of the singer. Everybody is fascinated about being famous. With "Superstar", Zack Ghaly offers the encouragement to succeed to those who dare to dream with a very positive new anthem for success. Zack sings with a very warm tone, and the music has all the excitement of a pop club hit. The pulsing synthesizer and larger than life strings are right on the money, along with the drum mix. Just at the right moment, rapper HD-Flat flows with skill, talking about some of the biggest mega stars in Hollywood. Parents will also love this song as the lyrics speak to staying in school, and remaining focused on your dreams. "Superstar" would easily work on a Disney radio mix, or in a dance club! Zach Ghaly's "Superstar." is right on time, and just in time to cheer students on for the new school year.

Email: tv@musicdish.net

Website: http://zackghaly.wix.com/zackghaly

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