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Jack Nicholson’s Son – Caleb James Goddard Wiki (Bio, Age, Education, Height, Net Worth)

If you watch movies, there is no doubting the fact that you already know who Jack Nicholson is. You may even know all about his love life and how it has been just as diverse and conflicting as his very successful acting career has been. While Jack Nicholson did become the youngest actor in the history of acting to ever achieve the ‘Life Achievement Award’. However, before he was able to achieve this milestone in his career, he had already fathered five different children with four different women. One of these children is his son, whose name is Caleb James Goddard, whom Jack would have with the late actress, Susan Anspach. Here is everything that you need to know about the life of Caleb James Goddard.

Who is Caleb James Goddard?

While Caleb is Jack Nicholson’s son, there were many years when he wouldn’t believe so. For whatever reason he was convinced that Caleb was simply not his, even after his then wife Sandra would tell him that he was. That was until 1996, which is when everything would change. It would be this year when Caleb would come out and admit that his dad had finally started to acknowledge him as being his son. Caleb was a product of his father Jack Nicholson, and his mother Susan Anspach. He was born on September 26, 1970.

Caleb’s mother and father would originally meet while on the set of ‘Five Easy Pieces’ back in 1969. It did not take them very long to start having an affair. Nicholson, who had a reputation of being somewhat of a womanizer, would continue to deny any allegations that were made in regard to the affair that they had, and that Caleb was his son. However, it would later come to light that Jack would help out Susan with financial assistance between the years of 1988 and 1994, essentially paying for all of Caleb’s college expenses.

Susan would go on to say that the reason Jack was helping Caleb out with his college bills was because Caleb was Jack’s son and Jack was only doing his fathering duties. With that being said, you will not hear the same story when Jack tells his side of things. He had claimed that he decided to help her out with finances because they were just friends. Nicholson would even decide to sue Susan over the money that he had given to her. Eventually, the rollercoaster relationship that two shared would eventually get much better and Jack would come out and openly admit that Caleb was his son.

As for Caleb’s family, he has a half-sister that is named Catherine Goddard, which is his mother’s daughter that she had after an affair with Steve Curry. That very same year that Catherine was born, Susan would decide to get married to Mark Goddard. Mark would eventually adopt both Catherine and Caleb, treating them as if they were his very own children. While the wedding between Susan and Mark would never actually happen and be called off, Caleb was able to keep his last name as Goddard.

Caleb’s Career Breakthrough

There is no mistaking the fact that most children are always going to hold their parents in the highest regard and use them as examples of role models throughout their lives. With that being said, Caleb too would be interested in the careers that his parents had and were involved in. Fast forward a few years and Caleb would make his way into the footsteps of both his parents, opting to pursue acting as a career. Caleb would choose to try and kick-start his acting career by entering into the entertainment industry.

As for his resume, Caleb has been credited for his role as an actor in the television show titled ‘The Slap Maxwell Story’. On top of that, he has also had the opportunity to serve as the location assistant for the movie titled ‘Guilty as Charged’. There are some sources who have come out to say that Caleb moved to New York in order to start building his career, attempting to take his acting as serious as he can. These rumors had originally started when his late mother, Susan, would reveal in a letter that Caleb was indeed working as a writer and producer in New York City. Aside from the above-mentioned career highlights, there is actually not a whole lot that is known about him or what he is currently doing. Oddly enough, even though he was born into a family of celebrity actors, he has done a very good job at keeping himself out of the public spotlight.

The Death of Susan Anspach, Caleb’s Mother

Caleb’s mother and actress, Susan Anspach, had several different hit roles in her career throughout the 1970s and 1980s. While she did have a very successful career and a family that loved and supported her, she would end up passing on April 2, 2018. This would happen of natural causes while she was in her home located in the Los Angeles, California area. Caleb would do an interview with the ‘New York Times’, a while later, where he would reveal what his mother’s cause of death was. He would go on to report that the reason she had passed was due to cardiac arrest.

There is no doubting the fact that Caleb James Goddard has had a very interesting life. From the very beginning he was not recognized by his biological birth father as being his son. While that would eventually change, for the years that he was not acknowledged, it surely had an effect on Caleb. Luckily for Caleb though, he has been able to overcome any of the situations that may have happened when he was a child growing up and follow his dreams of becoming an actor just like his mother and father were. It will be very interesting to see where Caleb decides to go with his acting career and his life in general. Only time will tell.

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