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Brandi Love Husband – Chris Potoski Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Tracey, Net Worth)

Chris Potoski happens to be a businessman in the USA famous for being the COO and founder of the Tracy Jordan properties. He is also the COO and founder of the TJC Asset Management Company. Video, but apart from these, he also has another identity. He happens to be The Chris Potoski – Brandi Loves Husband. Brandi Love is a famous adult star. Here is a quick detail of his life and the person himself.

A Few Words About Chris Potoski

Having been born in 1972 in the USA, Chris had his graduation from Central Michigan University. There he became the Bachelor of Science. Then he also had a double major in Kinesiology and Physiology.

Professional Career Of Chris Potoski

Having started his career as the business development in curative health services director in the year 1995, Chris went further with this work for the next five years. You finally left in the year 1999. Then he joined the national healing Corporation, and there began his service as the business development VP.

Other than that, Chris Potoski has also served as the BP in The Regent medical solutions as well as the CEO in InVixis for 5 years 6 months. At present, he happens to be the founder as well as COO of the TJC Asset Management from 2004 June.

Since July 2014, Chris was also in charge of the Tracy Jordan properties. It has a luxurious and classic hotel that offers perfect comfort to the customers.  It has been six years now from the time he started running the company along with his wife. His business has earned him a high reputation, and right now, he is doing an excellent job in his field of work.

He had his company Media No Rivals incepted all the operations in the year 2004. Chris ran this business from the year 2004 to 2008. At the time the business was going well, he won a role in the TV series Teller and Penn.

As the world is rapidly changing into the ICT driven communities, Chris also ventured into it and acquired the TJC Assets Management. He is also the COO there. The service of the organization is to manage the digital multimedia resources of different clients. At present, this business has 200 terabytes of digital media individual and business management, content management, and domain management.

To make the whole world a global village, Chris has used all his contributions and knowledge of ICT. Over the years, he has developed his efforts and came up with more and more initiatives that offered great results.

Other than that, he has also ventured into the adult world and became quite successful there as well. At present, he is leading a very successful life.

Salary And Net Worth Of Chris Potoski

He has a very decent earning from his business. His net worth is right now 8 million dollars, with his salary unknown to the media.

Relationship with Brandi Love

Chris Potosky got married to Tracey Lynn Livermore, his long-term girlfriend, in the year 1994. Tracy is an adult star in the name of Brandi Love. Their private wedding ceremony was held with much joy and enjoyment. It has been 25 years now since they were married, and they have a daughter who was born in the year 2000.

About Brandi Love:

Born in the year 1973 in the USA, Tracey Linn Livermore went to Central Michigan University. However, she did not finish her graduation there. She started making adult videos and uploaded them to her website. In the year 2008, she had her first deal made with the adult film production companies. She started filming for them. Later she married Chris Potosky and had a daughter.

Physical Complications

Chris Potosky suffered a heart attack in early 2000 that resulted from his stressful full work schedules. As a result of this, his doctors suggested he change his profession. Put a bar against any for the health deterioration, both Chris and Brandi Love began to plan their career goals in the adult industry. Then they started making the videos at their home and started uploading. Their parents and in-laws significantly opposed their initiative as they indicated that this venture would morally affect their daughter. Therefore they wanted the custody of the child. They called for the child protection services, and they started their investigations about the matter.

However, they concluded with the decision that there was no unhealthy situation for the child in the custody of her parents. Therefore, they ruled out that Chris and Brandi are allowed to keep their daughter with them. As a result of that, both Chris and Brandi opposed his parents as well as in-laws. Due to this reason, Chris Potosky is not interested in talking about his family e members. Even in his interviews, also he mostly kept mum about his in-laws and parents. Also, as of now, their daughter’s identity is kept a secret due to personal privacy issues.

About The Adult Parent Website

As they were unable to get legal information as they were in the adult industry, Brandi and Chris created a website to offer information in obtaining such services to the other professionals in the Adult industry. The name of the site was Adult Parent.

Controversies And Rumors About Chris Potoski

No controversy or rumor is heard about Chris in his personal or business life as he has consciously Stayed Out of them over time. 

Physical Description Of Chris Potoski

Chris Potosky has brown hair and brown eyes. That is all the information that can be given at the moment. 

Popularity On The Social Media

Chris is not much active on social media. No Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account is maintained by him. At present, Both Chris and Brandi are living a happy life with their daughter with all the success in their business and all bitter past behind them. Their success story is a motivation for many who are still on the field struggling for success. Their success story and happy life are truly perfect in all sense.

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