Shakira Net Worth

How Much is Shakira Worth?

If you like music, there is a good chance that you have heard of Shakira.  She is easily one of the more recognizable singers around today, especially when you consider the Latin countries.  She has even been able to elevate herself over all her contemporaries, but even if you don’t go out of your way to follow her music and career, chances are that you still know exactly whom she is.  So what is Shakira’s net worth?

It was recently announced that Shakira is worth north of $300 million.  Now you may be asking yourself how she has been able to achieve such a high dollar amount with just her music.  Surprisingly, Shakira’s wealth doesn’t come from just her music. There are actually several other contributing factors that have helped her reach such a high net worth.  

To fully understand exactly how Shakira has amassed such a great amount of wealth, you must first take a look at the history of Shakira and her performances.  Having started at an extremely young age, Shakira was continuously encouraged by her family to start performing, and even started to sing around her local childhood area from the age of 10.  This means that she first started to perform, while it was on a much smaller stage, back in the early 1990’s. During this time, she was able to release a number of different albums and is constantly travelling around the globe to tour.  From all of this touring and performing, she has easily been able to generate quite a bit of income.

While she has also made money from her albums, she is able to command just about any price she wants for her concerts.  Now partner several different concerts per week and the income will start to add up very quickly.

So how has Shakira been able to accumulate over $300 million by singing and performing?  She hasn’t. Being a smart busy lady, she also has several other activities that have helped add to her overall worth.  For example, she serves as a judge, as well as a host on a couple of different television shows, which she receives some nice compensation for.  On top of that, she is also involved with several different film projects and television shows, some of which range from Latin American soap operas, big production movies, and even a nice feature as one of the character’s on one of the Angry Birds games.  

As if that weren’t enough, Shakira has also been fortunate enough to launch and grow her own special clothing line.  So not only does she have all of her music and performances as a form of income, but also she is able to maximize the amount she makes with her television show and movie appearances, as well as her very own clothing line.

Shakira Net Worth

While many people out there may think that Shakira has been lucky, in reality, there is no good substitute for hard work.  And hard work is exactly what Shakira has been doing year in and year out. If you think about it, she has been performing for the past 29 years.  She started performing back in 1990 and has been doing so up until present day in 2019. All this means that Shakira has been working without a real break for the last 29 years.  With that in mind, her net worth of over $300 million seems like a much more achievable number.

Over the span of her career, she has also made some very smart investments as well.  In fact, Shakira has invested her money very wisely over the course of her entire career.  While some musicians spend all of the money on materialistic items such as cars, houses and vacations, Shakira has approached her wealth with a ‘longer-term’ type of mindset.  Because of this, even when Shakira does take a short break from performing, she is still able to bring in a nice income.

So why doesn’t Shakira retire and live off the wealth she has already accumulated?  

While she could have retired comfortably many years ago, the fact that she continues to star active in her musician and television career shows that she just plain likes to do what she has been doing.  With the ability to retire comfortably at any moment, she continues to grind away and stay active for one reason. That reason being that she just plain enjoys what she is doing.

While it may sound like Shakira and her $300 million is a large amount of money, you have to keep in mind that she has not accumulated all of it overnight.  It just so happens that she very much enjoys what she does, and has been fortunate enough to be paid more than most other people for it. Other than that, she really has not done anything very differently than any other people.  Like everyone else, she wakes up early everyday to go to work, trying her absolute best at everything that she does.

Unlike some of the other successful people out there, Shakira has had to work hard for everything she has achieved.  Through her hard work and determination, Shakira has been able to amass an extremely high net worth. She has been smart enough to brand herself and people out there know that when they hire her for any type of job, they know for a fact that the job is going to be done correctly and exceed any expectations that there may be.  Shakira has worked extremely hard over the past 29 years to build her reputation into what it is today, and that is reflected when you take a look at what her net worth really is. Shakira truly is one of the success stories where you can honestly say that all of her hard work has really paid off. With no signs of stopping anytime in the foreseeable future, there is no question that Shakira’s net worth can easily increase to higher limits in the near future.

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