How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Steps to Maintaining Your AC Unit for Best Performance

Nowadays it is normal to have an air conditioning system and can be considered as one of the most important and expensive investments for your home. Hence it is important that you maintain your air conditioner properly. If you keep your aircon in a proper way, then you will even save a lot on your electrical bill and would not have to get any replacement done for a long period of time.

Many experts say that air-con would have to go through the maintenance check in a fixed interval. If you have not started yet, then the best time to get the maintenance would be before the summer starts. The air conditioning system not only has a cooling, but also a heating and ventilating system that allows it to both heat (blower and evaporator) and cools (compressor & condenser coil) the interior of the house. Hence, the air conditioning system helps in improving the air quality and comfort of your house.

Numerous Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioner in a Good Condition

There are numerous ways of keeping your air conditioner working in a perfect manner so that you and your family are comfortable in the summer season. In this article, you will come to know some of the easy and affordable ways to maintain your air conditioner.

  1. Shut down The Power

Safety first, when you work with electrical machines, you should make sure that the power is turned off completely. Check for a compressor that is found on the compressor or there might be a box near the exterior unit. Then do the same for the interior unit. Then find the breaker box and switch off the breaker box.

  1. Change of Filter in a Month

The air filter of your air conditioner should be changed at a regular interval. This is something that is very basic but important when it comes to maintaining your AC. Well, it is not that hard to change the filter. It hardly takes few minutes.

The main work of the air filter is to stop the dust particles, dander, and dirt from entering the house through the air conditioners. The aircon can start to work nicely when they are clean, and the filter is not blocked. If they are dirty, they would never work properly and would cause a lot of trouble and even deteriorates the air quality.

  1. Debris Removal

Check and remove the fan cage which is situated near the exterior unit (compressor or the condenser). You can use the tools such as the wrench or the screwdriver.  Then you can take off the fasteners and pull up the fan of the top unit with your hand. You can vacuum the area and clean it so that the interior is clean as well.

  1. Clean Area around the Unit

Once the area is cleaned you can now clean the fan cage and take out the debris from the container and remove the trees and branches around 2 feet in every direction and make sure that there is complete air passage all around the unit. In the cool winters when you won’t use the condenser you should cover the unit so that the debris does not accumulate inside the unit. Make sure you remove it when it is in use.

  1. Cleaning Of the Coil of the Evaporator

Now you can start to clean the furnace unit. Also, find out the coil door for the evaporator. It might be a bit tricky as you would have to take off the duct tape on the foil that needs some bolts and screws to be taken off. With the help of the brush with soft bristles, you can remove the dust from the coil. No on top of it you can clean the coil with a coil cleaner. As the foam forms, it will drip into the drain pan. You can now clean the pan with hot water, soap, and some bleaching agent. This will reduce the growth of the algae. You can now remove the coil door of the evaporator and use the duct tape to close the unit. If it is required.  

  1. Fins Need To Be Checked

Each air-con has an evaporator and a condenser both have fins. In due time these fins tend to bend which causes the airflow to become insufficient. To ensure that the air conditioner works properly you need to make sure that the fins are checked and are not bent. If there is binding in the fins, then you must buy a new fin. If you can’t do that you can take the help of a professional air conditioner technician.

  1. Clean Coils

The coils of the air conditioner should be clean as it is a very important part of the AC system. The coil can be covered with particles of dust and reduces the heat that it should absorb. Due to this, it is hard for the air conditioner to cool the home.

So, to avoid being in this condition you need to check that the coils are clean. It can be cleaned in many ways. However, the best way would be to clean the debris near the condenser.

  1. Thorough Inspection of the Condensate Drains

The main part of the air conditioning system is the condensate drain as it allows the condensation to happen which leads to the drains. In due course of time, this drain can be clogged and lead to blocking the drain.

If you want to maintain the air conditioner in a good condition, then you need to check the condensate drain in regular intervals. If there is a problem with it, you need to check air conditioning repair services.

  1. Air Conditioning Professional Services

Last but not the least, get professional air conditioner service for the maintenance of the air conditioning at your home. Get an appointment so that these professionals can help you in taking care of the maintenance. They can help you in getting a perfect air conditioner for the hot summers.


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