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Philip Rivers’ Wife – Tiffany Rivers Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Married)

In the world of swimwear brands, there’s one name that stands out above the rest. The brand name Hermoza is a popular swimwear product that has a very simple slogan that entails beauty on every level of the minute details. The owner, Tiffany Rivers has made sure that she brings a great deal of luxury to the table, and as a runway model, she tries to make sure that everything is perfect before walking on the boardwalk. But who is Tiffany Rivers, and why is there really nothing that we know about her? We’ll get into that in this biographical guide in case you’re wondering about the fashion designer who makes things very classy. 

Who is Tiffany Rivers Exactly?

Many people don’t know about her, but those who buy her brand certainly do (and there are a lot of people who spend top dollar to buy her swimwear). She is the wife of the popular pro NFL quaterback none other than Philip Rivers. She is a swimwear designer and even has her own brand, Hermoza (as we mentioned earlier.

What is the Hermoza Brand Slogan?

According to Rivers, the brand means “Classic, Not Basic. The Making of an Iconic Life”.

How About Her Young Life?

When she was born on Nov. 18th in 1982 in the state of Alaska, she ended up eventually growing up and moving to Alabama, where she spent the majority of her childhood and life. She went to a normal high school where she ended up meeting who she didn’t know was the future NFL star Philip Rivers. Phil is a year older than Tiffany, and they both went to college at North Carolina State University (NCSU) after she graduated in 2000. Her husband went first, and then a year later, Tiffany moved forward as well.

Married Life and Net Worth

Much like others who make a big name for themselves, She did get a huge amount o emotional and physical support from her husband’s claim to fame. The couple has been together since their days in high school, and then once Phil was in college, he asked her to marry him officially. According to the their records, they were married in 2001 – just one year after they were engaged, and still in college. 

Life with the Kids – a Full House

After Phil and Tiffany started working on making a family of their own. During her first year married to Phil, she was able to have their first child – her daughter, who was born on July 6th of 2002, and her name was Haley. By having their first child, it helped to bring their bond to one another even closer. However, only two years later, she was having another daughter baby girl. Just 3 years later, she ended up taking a break to have her daughter, she had yet another baby , Caroline was born just a few years later, and then they finally ended up having their nest quite full when she had her baby boy, Gunner, and his sister Sarah Catherine who ended up not being born until a couple years later. After this, in 2010, she gave birth to Sarah Catherine, and then had another son named Peter a year later. She didn’t hesitate to have another, and in 2013, she added Rebecca to the mix of family heirs. She did wait until 2015 to have another daughter, Claire, and then she finally had her youngest daughter Anna Rivers in 2019.  

That makes a total of 9 children altogether, which is a feat in its own. And then to boot, she has a famed marriage with an NFL star while creating her own swimwear brand? That is one busy woman, wouldn’t you say? When Philip was asked about spending alone time with his wife during an interview, he admitted that they did regular have date nights though and would hire  nannys in order to give themselves time to spend together alone.

How Much is Tiffany Rivers Worth?

This is something that seems to be buzzing all over the internet. Not necessarily the fact, but people asking about the net worth of celebrities and their family members. We’ve been able to find out that as of 2018, Tiffany Rivers launched her clothing line, and then she ended up making a product that was endorsed by her and her husband when they partnered with Cuker. She ended up trying to reshape what people consider true beauty for the modern-day woman, and she has had success by being featured in many magazines, from O, Oprah, Elle, and a handful of other newsstand magazines.

She has been extremely busy being an activist to help research and combat Diabetes Type 1. Not a lot is known about her actual net worth though to this day. It is known that she contributes regularly to the role that she plays in the diabetes foundation, and that she is a top donator, as well as one of the prime advocates that has been making a difference through her philanthropy efforts over the years.

It can be assumed though, that while she is worth a lot of money on her own, and that nobody knows her net worth, she does earn a great deal when you pit her with her husband’s success in the NFL. That means that the majority of the income more than likely comes from her husband’s NFL paycheck, which is extremely high (as with most NFL players) on an annual basis since his contract has quite a while to expire.


Unfortunately, we’re unable to actually tel you what the net worth is of celebrity wife Tiffany Rivers. What we can tel you as we’ve said above is that she’s been a mom who has definitely got her work cut out for her, and stays extremely busy. Some would consider this to be a workaholic, however, she has made sure that she still makes time for her number one, NFL quarterback Philip Rivers, and that she’s still his number one fan to this day.

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