Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair Service

Top Signs You Should Call an AC Repair Company

When the sun resurfaces and the temperature soars up in your city, you know that summer will make its appearance soon. Hence, you will want to make sure that the air conditioner is working fine. Well! How would you understand if your air conditioner would need repair or maintenance or not? If you see any of the below signs you might need to get the AC repair done for the air conditioner:

Warm Air

If you feel that the air which is coming out of your vent is warm, then you would have to get the thermostat checked and if there is a problem. Get it repaired. Before getting a technician, you need to check if the cooling mode is on. If you still see that the air conditioner vents, blow air that is warm then it may be possible that something is restricting the airflow, or the compressor was not working.

You can hire a professional and get the air conditioning repairs done if you see the problem persisting. DIY repairs should not be tried as it may ruin the condition because the Home air conditioning system is very complicated to deal with and needs a lot of expertise.

Insufficient Airflow

If the quality of airflow is not adequate, then there might be many issues with the air conditioner. Let’s say that you are experiencing an improper supply of air or if there is something that is blocking the vent or duct, which is keeping the air to move through the duct properly. It might be due to the air filter which is clogged or a motor that is broken. This would require professional care. These issues that you see above are very common problems which anyone’s household can experience. You can boost the air conditioner by adding an energy-recovery ventilator. This will help in removing the impure air and will let pure air circulate when you time the system cycles. It even helps in getting the correct airflow and provides cooling in the areas which are most required.

Frequent Cycles

You should keep a note that the air conditioner goes through the cooling cycles which are mentioned, whatever the weather condition be. It might be possible that the cooling system is on more often on the hottest day in summer. It should not be on all the time or frequently switching on. If you see such changes frequently, you can get the help of experts to investigate the problem. Tuning your Air conditioner would help you in fixing the issue. However, it may also lead to signaling you that you would have to get a new air conditioner.

High Humidity

As soon as the winter ends and the season of spring and then summer arrives you would start to sweat and feel very high humidity when you are inside. The house. In these cases, the air conditioner you use should take care of the matter and moderate the level of humidity on its own.

If it can’t keep the level of humidity in a particular range, then you need to get the repair done for the air conditioner. The professionals can diagnose the problem and will tell you if there is a requirement to change the air conditioner or do, they need to re-calibrate it. You might even consider buying a dehumidifier.

Water Leaks

Air conditioners need refrigerants so that they can cool your household. As it operates it produces condensation. So, make sure it does not leak. If there is a pool of water or even a small leak it would be an important sign that your air conditioner is not working. You need to get the technician to fix the air conditioner as it may lead to severe issues in the structure of the house.

Bad Odors

If you are getting any bad or displeasing smell, then it is coming from the air conditioning system and you need to get it checked before the condition worsens. If the technician runs certain diagnostics that they will confirm whether the air conditioner needs to be fixed or does it need to be replaced or needs to be upgraded.

Even Ultraviolet lamps can help you in eliminating the usual growth of microbes in your air conditioner. Even cleaning the duct can help you in cleaning the bad smell and reduce the issues of the bad odors that have accumulated in the framework of the duct.

Unusual Noises

You would find air conditioners making very little noise when they are running and even if you turn them off. However, if you see that there is a loud noise or some unusual voice coming from it suddenly then there is a huge problem with the air conditioner.

Even the humming or buzzing sound increase can be considered as a signal which indicates that there is something wrong with the air conditioner. This issue might not go away and if not checked by a professional will become a huge problem in time. So, if you need to keep your family in a comfortable condition in the warm weather you would need to tune it up properly for the summer season.


When the air conditioner unit reduces the temperature to the limit or temperature you have set for the house, then the thermostat automatically switches off itself. This, itself, is the cycle. Now if you see that the cycle of the air conditioner is switching on and off continuously, then in this case it is because of the short cycling of the Air conditioner. This problem would directly affect the temperature of the house and cause a lot of discomfort at home. It would not be so comfortable for your whole family when the summer sets in. Even there would be an increase in the electricity bill and would put a lot of pressure on the air conditioner. This would lead to repair prices getting higher if they are not checked on time. Get professional help when you see such problems. So that this situation can be avoided.

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