Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

Steps to Get Your AC Unit Ready for Summer Cooling Season

The first thing you need to do, if you want to prepare your house for the summer season is to ensure that the air conditioning system runs efficiently throughout the warm season. The air conditioning system consumes a lot of energy if it is not maintained properly. It can increase your electricity bill in such a way that it would be unimaginable.

Hence, it is better to get the air conditioner’s cooling system repaired and cleaned by a professional. This is not a job which you can do by yourself and should be handled by an AC professional. However, there are some small tasks which can be done by yourself and minimize the need of the technician. Some of the things are mentioned in the below article:

Tips for Cleaning and Preparing the Air Conditioner for Summer

  1. Switch off The Power: It is very important that you are safe while working with electrical devices such as central air conditioners. So, make sure that you have switched off the unit – external and internal properly before you are cleaning or repairing the aircon. The power to the condenser must be off. This condenser has a disconnect box that is weatherproof and the power that flows through it is 240 volts. This box has a lever along with a fuse and a circuit breaker to switch off the condenser in case of emergency. All these plugs should be off.
  2. Debris Cleaning From Condenser and Surrounding Area: The debris needs to be cleaned from the condenser and the surrounding area. Along with it if you find there is a drain well you need to clean it as well. The motor fan blade can be cleaned with the help of the vacuum cleaner. If you see any bolts which are loose, you can tighten them up. Now you can oil the ports near the fan motor. Even a few drops of oil which is lightweight or WD-40 can be used to lubricate the area. If there is an excess amount of water, you need to remove that as well. Cutting vines or removing weeds in the surrounding area.
  3. Filter Cleaning and Maintenance: If you find the filter is clogged and the cooling has decreased and since then you have an electricity bill that is soaring high. It means that the aircon is working very hard to keep the temperature cool. It might be because the quality of air has been affected by the dust and dirt which has accumulated in the filter. Hence, it is very important that it is washed regularly. If you can try changing the filter. It would act as a boost for the aircon. However, cleaning in a month is recommended.
  4. Leaks and Other Obstructions: If there is an obstruction in the air conditioning duct it can reduce the flow of the air in the aircon. Hence, it is very important that you check the ducts and find if there are any loose ends. Many a time that the aircon efficiency reduces because of the blower components. Sometimes a fireplace can be the cause of cool air escaping through it, making the air warm and increasing the electricity bill. You might as well check the structure of the house such as doors, windows, and walls for leaks and cracks which can be the reason for the reduction of the cool air. When you find the crack seal it up.
  5. Coil and Compressor Maintenance: Any dirt, debris, or random plants near the outdoor unit should be cleared away in a regular manner. The location near the condenser and the evaporator needs to be cleaned because the dirt and mud accumulated can damage the system. Cleaning of the condenser and the coil should be done daily, even for the indoor units. If the coils are dirty it would increase the electricity bill and reduce the efficiency you don’t clean the unit that is outside, it will stop the system from overheating and increase the life of the aircon.
  6. Maintain The Coolant Pipe: The tube or the pipe of the refrigerant goes to the evaporator or the handler of the air in the condenser. These are covered with a coolant line and acts as an insulator so that they can prevent any energy loss. If there is insulation missing or is corroded get it replaced. You can get insulation tape for temporary relief as well.
  7. Keeping The Thermostat Prepared For The Hot Summer: Check the thermostat along with the furnace system to find out if they are working in a proper way. mainly when they start. It is even better if you can upgrade it to a thermostat which can be programmed and would allow you different temperature setting all throughout the day. Some of the advanced thermostats are so efficient that you can time them and they would be working fine when you are at home or work. Hence you don’t have to keep them on all day. Making it possible to save energy and money. There are many thermostats that are easily controlled with a smartphone. You would then have an option to select the settings according to your wish.
  8. Air Conditioning Repair/Maintenance: Before the summer starts it’s always a better idea to get the air conditioning repaired or get the maintenance done through a professional company. There are many companies who can help you with fixing the fuse, circuit breaker, and connection of the wires. They have the equipment to check the quantity of the refrigerant in the aircon and can help in fixing the damaged pipes or any other issues related to the aircon. If you wait for the summer season to get the repair or maintenance done, you will have to suffer a lot because you would have to wait a lot for their appointment because of the increase in demand. So, it is better to get it fixed earlier.
  9. Check If It Works Properly After Maintenance/Repair: When you have cleaned the AC unit or have got the repair done you should make sure that the thermostat is off before you switch on the condenser. Now you can switch on the plug for the disconnect box along with the main panel. Now, you can set the temperature to cool on the thermostat.

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