Too Shy by Kajagoogoo

Kajagoogoo – Too Shy Shy Song Music Video

The song ‘Too Shy’, is a song that was originally written and recorded by a band by the name of Kajagoogoo, an English band, and was originally released in 1983.  While you may not think that this was their first single, you would be wrong.  The first single that came from their original debut album titled White Feathers, was indeed Too Shy, and was essentially an immediate hit song that shot up to the very first spot on the UK Singles Chart and stayed there for over two weeks.  Besides being a huge hit in the UK, the song would also find great success in many other European countries, as well as Japan.  The song would become such a big hit that it would even spend just over 5 weeks sitting at the number one spot in all of Germany, Belgium and even Ireland.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The hit single would continue its world domination and hit the number two spots in both Switzerland and France, and even the number four spot in Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden.

‘Too Shy’ in the United States

With some very heavy air play through MTV, the Too Shy song would eventually become a huge success in the United States, where it would find itself sitting at the number 5 spot on America’s top music rankings, the Billboard Hot 100.  Being the group Kajagoogoo’s only real significant hit in the United States, the creators of ‘Too Shy’ are considered to be another one hit wonder type of band.  While this may be true in the United States, in the United Kingdom, this is not going to be true at all.  In fact, in the U.K., the band Kajagoogoo has actually had several other major hits, two of which hit the top 10 as singles, ‘Big Apple’ and ‘Ooh to Be Ah’.

Production of the Hit ‘Too Shy’

Being written by the band itself, the song ‘Too Shy’ would go on to be produced by Duran Duran keyboardist, Nick Rhodes and Colin Thruston.  In fact, it would actually be Colin Thruston who had actually produced the first two albums that Duran Duran released.  In the year 2006, the song ‘Too Shy’ would end up being ranked at the number 27 spot on the VH! 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s list, as well as the number 9 song on the VH1 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 80s.

When it comes to the most popular one hit wonders of all times, the song ‘Too Shy’ is definitely going to be one that is making just about everybody’s list.  With such a great hit, you would imagine that the band Kajagoogoo would have been able to better capitalize on the fame that they had been able to achieve.  While they did have some success in the U.K., Kajagoogoo has been destined to be another one of the bands that faded out as far as the United States is concerned.

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