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Punktastic Presents: Groezrock 2015

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Beach Slang - Interview at Groezrock 2015 on MUZU.TV. Our friends at Punktastic headed down to the awesome Groezrock Festival in Belgium this year to catch all the action. With Social Distortion and Refused headlining the main stage over the weekend, with a whole host of other great bands taking to the stages, Punktastic has…
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An Interview With KAZO: The Second EP, A UK Tour And A New Video

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Kazo - Nothings Gonna Save You on MUZU.TV. MUZU has teamed up with This Day in Music site to give you the latest news from the young, but very talented British band Kazo. Kazo are four young men from Stockport, Manchester who released their debut EP ‘Cocktails & Canopes’ in the summer of 2014. Now…
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8 Iconic bands from the 70s who still sell out tickets

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The preception of rock'n'roll is: "Live fast, die young." But rock stars from the 70s don't take commandments and rules seriously. They shined 30-40 years ago and they continue their musical journey today. Of course, the number of them has thinned, as the "sex, drugs and rock and roll" lifestyle has done their work, as…

Study Claims Popular Music Lyrics Are Dumb

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Number 1s of 2014 on MUZU.TV. It doesn't take a literature grad to deduce that the majority of lyrics in the pop chart today aren't exactly on par with the likes of Chaucer. Despite this, some science folk have come up with a formula to measure exactly how "dumb" modern lyrics actually are. The guys…
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10 Celebrities Without Makeup – In Pictures

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We live in an age where celebrities are in a position to share selfies instantly with fans on the likes of Instagram. Where it gets a lot more interesting is when they take a shot of themselves without their makeup and stick that on there. A while back, a trend on social media was the…

10 Music Stars As Teenagers – In Pictures

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10 Music Stars As Teenagers on MUZU.TV. We've all got awkward teenage photos that we'd rather forget. Embarrassing acne, dodgy hair cuts and daft clothes - we've all been there. If anything, this has piqued our interest in how musicians looked like during their teenage years so here's our photo gallery of 10 music stars…
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15 Ugliest Album Covers EVER

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The 15 Ugliest Album Covers EVER! on MUZU.TV. As the age-old English idiom goes: "Never judge a book by its cover." We don't disagree that this is sage advice, however we felt obliged to dig out the 15 ugliest album covers of all time. Not because we think the music is bad, but because most…
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Tupac Film ’7Dayz’ Begins Fund Raising

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2Pac - Changes on MUZU.TV. In recent Tupac news, director Gobi Rahimi, who sat with Tupac in the days leading up to his death, wants to create a film based around the rapper's final week. “I was waiting for Tupac at club 662 in Las Vegas after the Mike Tyson fight on September 7, 1996.…
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Character Guide: Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video

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Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar on MUZU.TV. Taylor Swift's brand new music video for 'Bad Blood' ft. Kendrick Lamar is a star-studded treat, with a load of top notch cameos from all corners of the music world. Whether it's Taylor Swift's Catastrophe or Ellie Goulding as Destructa X, here's the who's who…
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Happy Birthday Sam Smith!

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Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One on MUZU.TV. Today we are celebrating Sam Smith's 23rd birthday! Believe it or not, the English singer-songwriter turns 23 today. Smith is one of the most acclaimed singers of the past five years, ascending from collaborator to Disclosure and Naughty Boy to gargantuan solo success. He's not…