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7 The Most Weird & Wonderful Outfits Of All Time

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All of us want to look dazzling and different. Just like celebrities who are trying to create impossible-to-imagine gear. Today MUZU.TV would like to introduce you 7 the most recognizable and outstanding outfits from...

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How 12 Dead Musicians Could Look Today – In Pictures

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Dead Musicians on MUZU.TV. If you’ve ever wondered what rock stars would have looked like had they not met their unfortunate end, then wonder no more. Here’s how 12 dead musicians might look today...

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MUZU Unveils: The High Breed – Interview

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The High Breed – REASON NEW_21_02_15 on MUZU.TV. This week’s MUZU Unveils artists are The High Breed, from the UK. An original hip-hop group consisting of three members, producer James (aka Bkeeper) and MCs...

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15 Worst Music Fan Tattoos Ever – In Pictures

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Worst Tattoos on MUZU.TV. If you’re going to get a tattoo of your favourite artist or band, it’s probably best to have someone who can actually draw do the tattoo. Don’t follow in the...

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10 Hottest Rock Stars On The Planet – In Pictures

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10 Hottest Male Rockstars on MUZU.TV. Here’s something to get you hot under the collar: MUZU’s pick of the hottest rock stars on the planet right now. Stick on the playlist above and feast...

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15 Greatest Songs About Drugs – Video Playlist

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One could argue that drugs and music are inseparable. Indeed, drugs have evolved and flourished in tune with the music created at the same time. Take the sixties for example, when LSD began to...

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20 Music Celebrities Before They Were Famous – In Pictures

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Musicians Before They Were Famous on MUZU.TV. Ever wondered what Ed Sheeran looked like as a ginger-haired toddler? Ever pondered if Kanye West used to smile as a child? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled...

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New Music: Mumford & Sons unveil ‘Snake Eyes’ – Live Video

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Mumford & Sons – Snake Eyes on MUZU.TV. Mumford and Sons continue to stoke the flames of anticipation ahead of their upcoming album ‘Wilder Mind’ with yet another new song, ‘Snake Eyes‘. Following up...

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EELS: LIVE At Royal Albert Hall

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Today MUZU.TV offers you four gorgeous tracks by a legendary indie rock band EELS from the iconic UK venue Royal Albert Hall. Eels is an American alternative/acoustic indie rock band formed by singer Mark...

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5 New MUST WATCH Videos Of The Week

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MUZU.TV has a huge catalogue of music videos from all over the world. Today our editors picked the best five clips from this week made by Brazilian, American and Swedish musicians. Sit back and...