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Major Lazer’s Bubble Butt

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Major Lazer Official – Bubble Butt (feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic) on MUZU.TV. ‘Bubble Butt’ by electronic music project Major Lazer. The song was released as the fourth single from their...


Interview: Jakwob

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Jakwob – Somebody New (feat. Tiffani Juno) on MUZU.TV. Jakwob was sniffed out back in ’09 when his Ellie Goulding ‘Starry Eyed’ remix perked a few ears. Soon enough he was somewhat of an...

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Interview: Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire

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Roddy Hart And The Lonesome Fire – Bright Light Fever on MUZU.TV.   Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire released their eponymous album last year, a record which was over a year in the...

reabo 1

Interview: Reabo, the new supergroup fusing genres.

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Reabo – Whatever May Come on MUZU.TV. Reabo are a brand new ‘Supergroup’, hailing from the worlds of Dubstep, Rock, Grime and Metal who’ve fused their influences and cooked up a single called ‘Whatever...

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Interview: Mark Knight – ‘The Return Of Wolfy’

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Mark Knight – The Return Of Wolfy on MUZU.TV. Internationally acclaimed DJ and producer, Mark Knight, has unleashed his first anthem of the year, ‘The Return Of Wolfy’. The main-man of Toolroom Records, which...

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Howler ‘World Of Joy’ Review

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Howler – Don’t Wanna on MUZU.TV. Howler, the rock meets punk fusion, have leaned towards the latter with their second album ‘World Of Joy’. The Minneapolis four-piece prove their worth on ‘Don’t Wanna’, the...

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15 best dancers in music – Playlist

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Best Dance Moves in Music on MUZU.TV. There’s some artists in music who spend as much time perfecting their dance moves as they do their music, some arguably more so! With all the controversy...

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16 most controversial musicans of all time

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Most Controversial Musicians on MUZU.TV. Whether it’s people who think dangling their baby over a balcony in front of thousands of adoring fans and press, rock legends who bite the heads of bats or...

Five Finger Death Punch 2

Interview / Review: Five Finger Death Punch @ Forum, London

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Five Finger Death Punch – House Of The Rising Sun on MUZU.TV. Five Finger Death Punch have continually gone from strength to strength, to say they’re one of the hardest working heavy metal bands...

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Jakwob’s ‘Somebody New’ feat. Tiffani Juno looks set for single success

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Jakwob – Somebody New (feat. Tiffani Juno) on MUZU.TV. James Jacob has been crafting music under the guise of Jakwob for a few years now, legend has it that he began his musical life...