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Kurt Cobain: Come As You Are

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Best of Nirvana on MUZU.TV. On April 5th, 1994, Kurt Cobain made a choice to put an end to his tortured soul with the ultimate darkness; suicide. Seattle and the world said goodbye to...

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Blur Premiere Official ‘Lonesome Street’ Music Video

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. Blur – Lonesome Street on MUZU.TV Think you’ve got some pretty slick moves on the dancefloor? Think again. Or at least, watch Blur‘s brand new music video ‘Lonesome Street’. The official music video...

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Interview: Brandi Carlile, “The records for me are all a collection of Polaroids.”

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Brandi Carlile – Jolene (Live) on MUZU.TV. As American singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile recently dropped her new album ‘The Firewatcher’s Daughter’, we hit the studio to record her strumming through some new material and a...

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Laura Marling Unveils ‘Gurdjieff’s Daughter’ Video

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Laura Marling – Gurdjieff’s Daughter on MUZU.TV. Laura Marling teaches you how to fly-by party in her new music video for ‘Short Movie’ song ‘Gurdjieff’s Daughter‘. For those not in the know, ‘fly-by partying’...

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Azealia Banks is a Frozen Medusa in New ‘Ice Princess’ Music Video

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Azealia Banks – Ice Princess on MUZU.TV. Azealia Banks has shared a new music video for ‘Ice Princess’, the latest single from her 2014 album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste‘. Its got all the hallmarks...

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5 Songs We Know You Like

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MUZU has a catalogue of over 250,000 video clips. If you dig deep you will find some wonderful content to enjoy from way back in the 1960s up to this day. Our editors have...

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Jess Glynne Bags First UK No.1 with ‘Hold My Hand’

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Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand on MUZU.TV. Jess Gylnne has been on the top spot of the Official UK Charts before; once for a solid 4-week stint with Clean Bandit on their 2014...

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Review: The Prodigy, ‘The Day Is My Enemy’.

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The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy on MUZU.TV. You can’t help but start listening to The Prodigy’s new album without remembering frontman Liam Howlett’s proclamation that it will “wipe the floor” with...

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Will Young Reveals Video for Comeback Single ‘Love Revolution’

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Will Young – Love Revolution on MUZU.TV. Will Young; now there’s a name you might not have heard in a while. Will’s been keeping it on the down-low since he dropped his last record...

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Music Crowns presents #MUZUUnveils: Johann Mendoza

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Johann Mendoza – For Better Or For Worse on MUZU.TV MUZU has teamed up with Music Crowns to finish March with introducing a new talent from the Music Crown’s Community, Johann Mendoza. Born and...