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20 Music Stars Who Don’t Look Their Age

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20 Musicians Who Don't Look Their Age on MUZU.TV. Bruce Springsteen, aged 65 Despite The Boss being 65-years-old, this photo proves that he's got the body that any right-minded 40-year-old would be envious of. Sting, aged 63 A vegetarian diet, yoga and oriental disciplines, is this the elixir of youth for Sting? Jon Bon Jovi,…
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10 Jazz & Blues Long Players to Listen to this Afternoon

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John Lee Hooker - My Baby's Got Somethin' (1950) on MUZU.TV. MUZU brings together one of the largest collections of fully licenced music related video catalogues: from official music videos, live performances, the latest songs and remixes, interviews, behind the scenes from all genres of music. Today we uncover and showcase the depth of our…
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10 Photos of Musicians Smoking Weed

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Stoner Musicians on MUZU.TV. With Wiz Khalifa, the renowned pot-head, claiming his second week at Number One on the MUZU Top 40 Charts , we felt inspired to rustle up a playlist featuring photos of other famous musicians and bands have a cheeky toke. Here they are in all their glory! 1. BOB MARLEY Bob…
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10 Greatest Movie Soundtrack Songs – Playlist & Pictures

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12 Greatest Movie Soundtrack Songs on MUZU.TV. Movies and music are like cheese and crackers, with soundtracks an absolutely integral part in any awesome film. Whether it's Guy Ritchie's impeccable choice of songs for Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, or the title song for the Dan Aykroyd and co's ghostbusting classic, here's…
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7 The Most Weird & Wonderful Outfits Of All Time

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All of us want to look dazzling and different. Just like celebrities who are trying to create impossible-to-imagine gear. Today MUZU.TV would like to introduce you 7 the most recognizable and outstanding outfits from iconic musicians. 1. Rihanna Who else having so much fun with fashion except Rihanna? The red - haired pop icon is…
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How 12 Dead Musicians Could Look Today – In Pictures

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Dead Musicians on MUZU.TV. If you've ever wondered what rock stars would have looked like had they not met their unfortunate end, then wonder no more. Here's how 12 dead musicians might look today if they were still about. 1. BOB MARLEY Born: February 6th, 1945. | Died: May 11th, 1981 (Aged 36). Age he…
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MUZU Unveils: The High Breed – Interview

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The High Breed - REASON NEW_21_02_15 on MUZU.TV. This week's MUZU Unveils artists are The High Breed, from the UK. An original hip-hop group consisting of three members, producer James (aka Bkeeper) and MCs Keita (aka The Medicine Man) and Samora (aka The Seer). Their mission statement is all about producing the freshest, most innovative,…
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15 Worst Music Fan Tattoos Ever – In Pictures

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Worst Tattoos on MUZU.TV. If you're going to get a tattoo of your favourite artist or band, it's probably best to have someone who can actually draw do the tattoo. Don't follow in the footsteps of these people below, all of whom have some of the most spectacularly awful tattoos we've ever seen. Here they…
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10 Hottest Rock Stars On The Planet – In Pictures

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10 Hottest Male Rockstars on MUZU.TV. Here's something to get you hot under the collar: MUZU's pick of the hottest rock stars on the planet right now. Stick on the playlist above and feast your eyes on who made the cut below... 1. ADAM LEVINE - Lead singer, MAROON 5 2. ANTHONY KIEDIS - Lead…
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15 Greatest Songs About Drugs – Video Playlist

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One could argue that drugs and music are inseparable. Indeed, drugs have evolved and flourished in tune with the music created at the same time. Take the sixties for example, when LSD began to take a hold, music entered into a new dimension of exploration with bands like Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and The Jimi…