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13 Hilarious Noel Gallagher Quotes

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Happy Birthday, Noel Gallagher! on MUZU.TV. Noel Gallagher might just be the most outspoken man in music. He's the king of soundbites and we find it hard to believe he gives a shit if he pisses someone off. We've collected below some absolute gems of quotes that Noel has said over the years. To begin,…
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Interview: Lawson Talk About New Single ‘Roads’ & Upcoming Album

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Lawson - Roads on MUZU.TV. After a couple of years on the road following the release of their debut album 'Chapman Square', Lawson have been over the pond in Tennessee hard at work chipping away at a new album slated for release this summer. The band are also about to unleash their brand new single,…
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That’s Entertainment: My Life In The Jam By Rick Buckler

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Rick Buckler The Jam - Tony Briggs - Rick Buckler the autobiography on MUZU.TV. They started out as a rock ‘n’ roll covers band and ended up defining their own genre. Pete Cary catches up with The Jam’s former drummer Rick Buckler to talk about his newly-released autobiography, That’s Entertainment: My Life in the Jam…
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Review: Paul Weller’s ‘Saturns Pattern’

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Paul Weller - White Sky Rehearsal Footage on MUZU.TV. Paul Weller’s new record ‘Saturns Pattern’ marks the modfather’s twelfth solo album, and the follow up to 2012’s ‘Sonik Kicks’. In keeping with Wellers knack of reinventing himself – see his spate in The Jam and The Style Council – Weller brings a new directional shift…
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7 Dance Videos That Are Marketing GENIUS

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Have you asked yourself why some music videos are ridiculously popular and others can't get more than 500 views? What makes millions of people watch just a few videos that became sensations in a couple of days across the world? Still don't get it? The feelings are the answer! The feelings that we have enjoying…
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10 Hottest Rockstar Daughters on the Planet – In Pictures

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In the world of rockstar daughters you tend to find fashion designers, models, actresses and of course, musicians. We've picked out our ultimate top 10 hottest rockstar daughters on the planet below. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit on MUZU.TV.   1. Frances Cobain Recognise this face? Of course you do. Frances Cobain is almost…
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Daughters Claim Father B.B King was Poisoned to Death

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B.B. King - Heartbreaker on MUZU.TV. In May, the legendary blues musician B.B King died unexpectedly in his sleep. In the last months of his life the star suffered with many health problems. The media gave out contradictory information about his condition, some claimed that he had a heart attack whist others claimed that he…
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Punktastic Presents: Groezrock 2015

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Beach Slang - Interview at Groezrock 2015 on MUZU.TV. Our friends at Punktastic headed down to the awesome Groezrock Festival in Belgium this year to catch all the action. With Social Distortion and Refused headlining the main stage over the weekend, with a whole host of other great bands taking to the stages, Punktastic has…
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An Interview With KAZO: The Second EP, A UK Tour And A New Video

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Kazo - Nothings Gonna Save You on MUZU.TV. MUZU has teamed up with This Day in Music site to give you the latest news from the young, but very talented British band Kazo. Kazo are four young men from Stockport, Manchester who released their debut EP ‘Cocktails & Canopes’ in the summer of 2014. Now…
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8 Iconic bands from the 70s who still sell out tickets

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The preception of rock'n'roll is: "Live fast, die young." But rock stars from the 70s don't take commandments and rules seriously. They shined 30-40 years ago and they continue their musical journey today. Of course, the number of them has thinned, as the "sex, drugs and rock and roll" lifestyle has done their work, as…