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Trey Songz Biography: Top Songs & Albums, Net Worth, Age, Height, Instagram & More

Known by his stage name, Trey Songz, Tremaine Aldon Neverson was born on November 28, 1984 and is a singer, rapper, actor and songwriter.  His debut album, released back in 2005, was through Atlantic Records and titled I Gotta Make It. His next album, which was titled Trey Day, would bring him his very first top 20 hit, ‘Can’t Help but Wait’.  His third studio album, titled Ready, would be released in 2009, bringing him another top 20 hit and his first top 10 single, ‘Say Aah’, which would end up peaking at the number 9 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.  

This would be Trey’s very first top 10 hit. With the help of that single, his album would eventually go on to be nominated for the award of Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for the 2008 Grammy’s. Just one year later, he would go on to release another hit single which would end up being his highest landing song yet, ‘Bottoms Up’ that featured Nicki Minaj.  This single was off his fourth studio album that was titled, Passion, Pain & Pleasure.

Later in 2012, Trey would release another album, this one becoming his very first number one album that was titled Chapter V.  It would debut on the top of the Billboard 200. The first single off the hit album was titled ‘Heart Attack’, and would be nominated for the Best R&B Song for the 2013 Grammy’s.  A couple of years later Trey would release another albumin 2014 that was titled Trigga. This album would find two songs land in the top 40, those being ‘Slow Motion’ and ‘Na Na’. With all six of his studio albums having hits that have landed on the top of charts, Trey Songz has sold well over 25 million records around the world and that includes full albums, as well as singles.

Trey Songz Legal Troubles

While Trey Songz has had a successful music career, he has also had several run-ins with the law as well.  First off, during December of 2016, Trey would be arrested and charged with the crime of assaulting a police officer and aggravated assault.  This happened after his performance at the Joe Louis Arena, which is located in Detroit. Apparently, Trey began to throw various objects around after the police cut the performance short due to the city’s ‘curfew’.  It is also claimed that Trey punched an officer in the face as well.

Several months later on August 18 of 2017, Trey would end up pleading guilty to the charges and be sentenced to 18 months of probation, as well as anger management and to pay some fees and restitution for the whole incident.

On March 19 of 2018, Trey would once again find himself in trouble with the law, this time for supposedly punching a woman and beating her at a party in Los Angeles.  He would eventually be released on bail for $50,000.

Luckily for Trey, this felony domestic violence charge would be dismissed by the LA District Attorney as there were multiple witnesses who were also at the party who had given statements that had contradicted what the victim claims to have happened.  She had originally claimed that he had beaten her and even gave her a concussion, however, the witnesses would say otherwise.

Finally, on June 4 of 2018, Trey was officially sued by a Detroit police officer that claimed that he had been punched in the face by the musician.  Supposedly Trey would start to hurl some of the heavy equipment off of the stage and eventually jump off of the stage himself, picking up on of the mic stands and throwing it.  It would then strike a photographer who also filed a claim against Trey.

As Sgt. Avery was arresting Trey and trying to take him to jail, he claims that the musician fought back against him and hit him in the face, causing him to fall to the ground and smack his head on the ground that was made of concrete.  The officer had allegedly suffered swelling to his head, as well as visible bruising. On top of that, there was also a contusion on the left side of his forehead as well.

If Trey Songz is able to keep out of any future trouble with the law, there is no telling where he will be able to take his career.  While there is not telling when his next album will be released, here are some of his top songs from his past albums.

Trey Songz Top 5 Hits

Na Na – one of his more popular club songs, this one was on his most recent album.

Heart Attack – from his album titled Chapter V, which came out in 2012.

Love Faces – Coming from his Pain & Pleasure album that was released in 2011, this song reveals what goes on behind closed doors

Neighbors Know My Name – Considered to be one of the more explicit songs released by Trey, this one is from his third album.

Can’t Help But Wait – In this one, Trey speaks about a girl that is in a less than ideal relationship and tries to convince her that she should come be with him instead.

While there are many more hits that Trey Songz has released, these are the top 5 over his career.  With so many albums and hit singles being released, you may have wondered what his net worth might be.

Trey Songz Net Worth

With all the hits that Trey Songz has released, he has been able to amass a net worth of over $12 million dollars.  On top of being able to build up his net worth to over $12 million, he has also been fortunate enough to work and collaborate with some of the biggest names in the music industry.  He has even been nominated for multiple awards, some of which include the BET Awards, the Grammy Awards, and even the Teen Choice Awards. Through hard work and dedication, Trey Songz has been able to become a successful musician with fans all over the world.

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