15 Things You Must Do To Make It in the Music Industry

Everybody likes to taste success in life. Whichever profession you speak of, you need to be rather hardworking, sincere, disciplined, and a true professional to get successful. The music world is also no different. If you look at some of the successful artists in the music industry, you will notice that they have all come through a long and challenging path to make it large in the world of music. If you are successful in life in your respective profession, it is very important that you do not take your success for granted. It may so happen that you are successful one day and the next day you become an ordinary guy.

15 Crucial Things to Be Done To Make It in the Music Industry

You may be a highly talented singer or a music director and you wish to enter the music industry. However, this is easier said than done. There are certain things that need to be done in order to make it in the world of music. Some of these have been discussed below.

  1. Be Positive At Every Situation: Being optimistic or positive in life is probably the only true survival tool which is well within your own control. In whatever profession you start your career, you are bound to feel neglected initially. If you are optimistic in life, you can be more resistant to such neglects and swim against the tide very easily. The barrier for anyone to enter the music industry is pretty high. Thus, it will be a good thing not to take things personally. In a year, there are close to 80000 albums released. Out of these Billboard and various other associated charts report Top 200 on a revolving basis. This makes it to around 0.25% of the entire annual releases.
  2. Be Excellent At What You Do: You will come across many people who will tell you that being mediocre is still acceptable. Well, it is certainly not the correct thing. You have to be excellent at whatever you do in order to make it large in the music industry. Excellence is at your own fingertips. All you need to do is understand it and observe it. Always study minutely from all the music teachers who are quite knowledgeable in the music theory. It will also be a good idea to study all the successful music people and find out what they have done right to make it right up in the popularity chart. Try and listen to all types of music irrespective of the genres and absorb all the good from the music even if it is not as per your preference.
  3. Choose The Right People To Seek Advice From Carefully: It is quite normal for people to seek advice from others who are rather successful in the music world. However, it is rather beneficial to seek advice from all those people who have failed in the music world and are quite aware of their own mistakes.
  4. Come Up With A Strong Professional Peer Group: Seeking advice from your friends and family is a good thing. However, they normally provide biased advice which will not help you in your professional life. It will be better to seek guidance and advice from music professionals. They can give more constructive advice and guidance and also help you set more realistic expectations and goals.
  5. Never Give Up: Whichever industry you talk about, the road to success is never simple and straight. This is also true in case of the music industry. Talk to any successful artist and you will come to know the struggle he had to go through at the beginning of his music career.
  6. Follow Your Money: Publishing, Branding, and Touring are the 3 top revenue makers of the music industry. Although these 3 include several sub-topics, it is rather important that you understand the method of making money using these 3 revenue makers.
  7. Get Incorporated: Incorporate yourself so that you can receive various tax breaks and also manage your various cash flow efficiently along with a careful expense management.
  8. Learn to Produce: It is needless to say that if you learn to produce your own music you will have a better chance of being successful. This makes you both well versed at your craft and also helps you become extremely authentic with your sound.
  9. Get Registered: It will be a plus point for you to clearly understand the Performing Rights Societies if you normally write and record your own music. Societies such as ASCAP and BMI monitor your various performances and pay you according to the way you have your works registered.
  10. Understand Your Rights: Copyrighting is basically a process that is used to protect your works from being stolen. The United States Copyright Office offers a rather verified method which can be used universally to acknowledge protected works.
  11. Distribute Music Properly: People listen to music on various music streaming platforms, which has become an integral part. Thus, ensure that you represent yourself well on sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. Being visible on apps such as Shazam will also work.
  12. Connect to Others on Social Media: Even if you are a social media pro, it is important that you separate your business social from your personal social. Also, it will be a good idea to ensure that your various social media platforms involve your fans and that it represents your overall brand.
  13. Come Up with a Team: This can be a constant flux and does not happen overnight. This cannot be done on your own. Try and recognize talents in others and hold them rather close to yourself.
  14. Stay the Course: In order to make it large in the music industry, you have to stay the course and refrain yourself from deviating. Believe that your hard work will one day pay off.
  15. Stay Humble: Remaining humble even if you taste success in the music industry plays a vital role in your entire career.

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