Amy Povich

Maury Povich’s Daughter – Amy Povich Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Net Worth)

Amy Povich is the daughter of the famous television celebrity, Maury Povich. Maury is mostly known as famous for hosting the Tabloid Talk Show.

Parent’s Divorce after 17 years

It was very unfortunate that her parents separated after 17 years of marriage. Maury Povich & Phyllis Minkoff got married for love. They were very much in love when they met each other. Hence both of them decided to exchange wedding vows. It has been said that the couple dated for many years before deciding to tie the wedding knot with each other.

They got married in the year 1962 and started a family. The couple were happy in their marriage and loved to spend time with each other. The couple was together for 17 years of their life. However, they decided to split as they could not live with each other because of the difference in their opinion & infidelity. The couple separated officially in the year of 1976.

The Reason behind Their Divorce

Many close acquaintances say that the reason for the separation of the parents was his romantic relationship rumors with many other women. There were many media agencies that stated that her father had many other relationships and had cheated on her mom. Hence the couple got a divorce and ended their relationship. The couple though never spoke about it in public.

Personally, her mom never really preferred the media attention that she always got because she was the wife of a celebrity. Her father was a famous public icon and the people of the media following them 24*7. It was not that easy for them to handle the media. She had always tried to keep a distance from the media attention and the paparazzi. However, this can’t be the reason for the couple to get separated.

The Other Marriage

It did not take long for her father to start dating Connie Chung. Maury and Connie Chung met each other at WTTG. Both of them worked in the news department there. The couple got married in the year 1984.

Maury dated Connie for seven long years. No one knows about their wedding as the details were never revealed. In an interview, Maury revealed that he cheated on his wife, Connie Chung when they were still in the phase of dating. The couple however survived the test of time together and are married happily for 36 years.

Adopted Brother

Amy Povich has a sister and a brother. Her sister (Susan Anne Povich) is an elder and a younger brother. The reason for such a decision was because their step-mom wanted children and was suffering from many miscarriages, so they decided to adopt a child. Hence, they adopted her young boy in 1995. The couple was entering the early 40’s when they decided to adopt the boy into their family.

The boy was named Matthew Jay Povich. Amy’s siblings are grown up and are settled in their own life happily.

Married to a Physician

She got married to an author & physician, David Agus. He is an engineering & medicine professor at Southern California University. Amy has also chosen acting as her career.

Net Worth

No one knows about her net worth. However, her husband David Agus is supposed to have a net worth of $300,000. Maury Povich, her father also has a net worth of $60 Million.

Full Name Amy Povich
First Name Amy
Last Name Povich
Profession Celebrity Child
Nationality American
Birth Country USA
Father Name Maury Povich
Father Profession TV celebrity
Mother Name Phyllis Minkoff
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse David Agus
No of Children 2
Siblings Susan Anne Povich and Matthew Jay Povich

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