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Howard Stern’s Daughter – Ashley Jade Stern Wiki (Bio, Age, Wedding, Husband, Net Worth)

Jade Stern Ashley is the youngest daughter of Howard Stern, a popular TV and radio personality, and Alison Berns, an actress. Things were not so smooth for Ashley despite being born with a silver spoon into an elite family as she had her share of misfortunes. 

She gained media presence as a celebrity kid, but she also saw her parents divorced while she was still very young. Find out more about Ashley in this article.

She is Howard Stern’s Daughter

Howard Stern is the host of the popular TV show –’ The Howard Stern Show’ and he is the father of Ashley Jade Stern. Ashely’s mother is an actress named Alison Stern

Ashley Jade Stern was born in Old Westbury, New York on the 24th of January 1993. She has two older siblings from the same parents, Emily Beth Stern and Deborah Jennifer Stern. 

Ashley’s Parents are Popular Public Figures

Ashley’s parents have enjoyed successes in their respective career and fields as TV and radio Personality, Howard, Ashley’s father has worked as the anchor of several TV shows such as ‘The Howard Stern Radio Show from 1998 to 2001, ‘The Howard Stern Interview (from 1992 to 1993), The Howard Stern Show in 1987.

Similarly, Jade, Ashley’s mother has enjoyed tremendous successes in her acting career in the past. She has worked in popular movies like US Open Sores in 1989, The Howard Stern Show in 1987, and Private Parts in 1997. 

Ashley Jade’s Parents Separated in 2001

Being the last daughter of the family, Ashley was born about fifteen years after her parent’s marriage. Unfortunately, she did not enjoy the couple’s company for long because they divorced shortly after. 

Ashley was not up to 10 years old when her parents divorced, but the divorce finalization process was completed in 2001. 

Howard and Alison first met as students while they were studying at Boston University. The couple later became close while they were handling a college project together. 

The college project required Howard Stern to shoot a student film that starred his ex-wife Alison Berns. The film was about Transcendental Meditation. 

The couple later got married on the 4th of June 1978 at the age of twenty-four in a temple called Ohabei Shalom in Brookline Massachusetts. 

Ashely Jade has Close Ties with Her Step Mother

In 2008, Howard Stern got married to Beth Ostrosky Stern, an American actress after his divorce from Alison Berns. Fortunately for Ashley, it seems she found motherly love with Beth, her step-mother. 

Both Ashley and Beth share a good relationship as they have been spotted together a couple of times. Ashely’s sisters, Deborah and Emily equally share the same kind of bond with Beth, their stepmother. 

Ashley Bonds Well with Her Sisters

Ashley has 2 elder sisters and she bonds well with them both. Emily Beth Stern, the oldest of the girls was born on the 7th of May 1983 while Deborah Jennifer Stern was born on the 9th of May 1986. 

Ashley’s two sisters are now married but the trio is still close as they still share a strong relationship. Most of the time, they are seen together at functions and occasions. The sisters enjoy each other’s company. 

Ashley Has Not Featured in Any TV Shows and Film

Till now, Ashley has not been featured in any TV shows or movies, unlike her father who is a household name in the TV and film industry. Despite having access to glamour, Ashley decided to keep a low profile for herself. 

Rumors once had it that Ashely has featured in movies such as ‘About a Girl’ and ‘When I Was Twelve’, but these claims have been refuted as false. 

Ashely Jade Stern Is Often Mistook for Ashley Thewlis

People often confuse Ashely Jade Stern to be Ashley Thewlis. The latter is a singer and actress. The confusion is more related to the similarities in their first name. So the confusion is about their career rather than about their physical appearance (e.g. face, stature, etc.).

In contrast to popular belief, it was Ashley Thewlis that featured in the movie titled ‘When I Was Twelve’ in 2001. Same Thewlis featured in ‘About a Girl’. Ashley Thewlis has many albums to her name, one of which includes the popular album titled ‘Dreaming’. 

Ashely’s Relationship: Boyfriend and Marriage

Ashley Jade Stern is not yet married. Although she is twenty-seven years old and said to be of marriageable age. There are slim chances however that Ashley may have a boyfriend. 

It is yet to be verified whether Ashley truly has a boyfriend. But at her sister’s wedding in 2016, Ashely was seen with a man whom people thought to be her boyfriend.

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