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Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele’s Son – Beaumont Gino Peele Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Education)

It is no big secret that the director and actor Jordan Peele, is married to another actress that is named Chelsea Peretti. While both of these two are high-profile celebrities who are in the spotlight more often than not, they have been able to do an excellent job keeping their son out of that same spotlight. Here is what you need to know about Beaumont Gino Peele and his father’s journey with fatherhood.

Who is Jordan Peele?

Beginning his entertainment career back in 2001, Jordan Peele started out as a comedian and did that until he was able to catch his big break, which was a role on the Fox sketch comedy television show named ‘Mad TV’ in the year 2003. Moving forwards to 2008, Jordan would decide to leave Mad TV after five seasons together. Within the next 2 years, himself and friend Keegan-Michael Key (who was actually a very frequent Mad TV collaborator), would end up joining forces together and creating their very only television show, that being the sketch comedy show named ‘Key & Peele’.

Fast-forward to today and Peele’s entire career has undergone a gigantic transformation. This is because he has decided that his best work is in the comedy and horror genres of movies and television series. This means that these are the only two genres that he will work in. For example, in 2017, Jordan would end up making his directorial debut in a horror movie that would do extremely well in the box office. That move was titled ‘Get Out’ and would go on to win hi an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. With all of the different types of movies coming out and the intense amounts of competition in this field, winning an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay is extremely difficult to do and a huge honor.

In 2019, he would also receive critical acclaim for his next horror film that he would do, that one being titled ‘Us’, as well as Spike Lee’s film, ‘BlacKKKlansman’. Aside from his very successful career, Peele has also had to make some very significant changes as far as his personal life is concerned as well.

From having a secret marriage to the love of his life, funny woman Chelsea Peretti, to having his very first child and becoming a father, Peele has had a journey that has been extremely rewarding to him.

Peele and His Fatherhood Experience

Jordan Peele and his actress wife, Chelsea Peretti, first made the announcement that they were expecting to have their very first child in February of 2017. After making the big announcement that the two were going to become first time parents, Peretti would make sure to keep all of her fans and followers on social media updated on any and all changes or progress that she was making with her baby. And yes, this includes her baby bump as well. She would do this through some very fun and hilarious social media posts.

Leading up to the birth of their first child, Peele would simply not be able to hide how excited he was from just about anybody. In fact, he would always be more than happy to talk about it and even joke about it all the time. He would poke fun at his new ‘responsibility’ and the ‘unpredictability’ that would come along with it. The celebrity couple would soon be welcoming their son to the world, which they did on July 1, 2017. His name was Beaumont Gino Peele.

Since Beaumont’s birth the celebrity couple has been extremely good at keeping him out of the spotlight. In fact, they have gone to great lengths to ensure that their son is always shielded from the spotlight. The only glimpse that anybody has ever been able to see of Beaumont was at the 2018 Oscars, when they should him for only a second.

In one of the photos that Chelsea Peretti shared, Beaumont’s legs and arms were barely even visible, the rest of him being nestled away in his mother’s very protective arms. While the two proud parents have been extremely successful at keeping their little baby boy out of the spotlight, they are both more than open when it comes to speaking about their parenting journey and how it has changed them as human beings.

In fact, in an interview that Peele would do in 2018 with PEOPLE, he would go on to say that even though his son is only 7 months old right now, every single day is a brand-new joy. Every day you get just a little bit more of a person, you get to meet a little bit more of that new person every day.

While you may think that Peretti and Peele did not get to be so protective until their son was born, you would be mistaken. In fact, they have actually been considered ‘notoriously private’ long before Beaumont came along. Even though they have been married for quite some time, they have always had success keeping their romantic lives very low-key over the years.

For example, most people though the two originally met while on the show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’. However, they actually met on Twitter after Peele had given Peretti a compliment on one of the projects she was working on.

While Beaumont is still only a baby, it is going to be interesting to see where life takes him and his celebrity parents.

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