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Nate Feuerstein NF Wife – Bridgette Doremus Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Kids, Family)

Bridgette Doremus is the wife of American rapper NF. She was born on the 25th of July 1990 and is from Seattle. While there are no reports of the exact place she was born, she moved around very frequently with her family.

 Bridgette is from a closely knitted family, and everything seemed perfect until her dad died in 2013. He committed suicide by taking an overdose of pills.

How Did Bridgette Meet Her Husband?

Bridgette met her husband at a party in 2015. It was an app launch party, and he performed in it. Bridgette was invited to this party by her friend. Although she did not plan to initially attend the party, she later changed her mind and was glad she did.

Bridgette and NF were attracted to each other at first sight. Although she had just gotten out of a long-term relationship, it did not affect what she felt for him. NF acted on his attraction for Bridgette and asked her if she was married. Shortly after meeting, they began dating and finally got engaged in January 2018.

Eight months after being engaged, they decided to get married. Their wedding was held outdoor, and they had family and close friends in attendance.

What Does Bridgette Do?

Bridgette is a fitness enthusiast and a health coach. In June 2013, she launched a fitness website she named Stripped Fitness. She had issues with her weight while she was in college, which was one of her reasons for launching the website. While in college, Bridgette put up weight and dropped weight frequently. This happened because of some bad habits. When she was done with college and had overcome the struggles she had with her weight, she went ahead to start a fitness website.

Bridgette Doremus did not stop with the first website. She went ahead to launch a second website called Halfway-Hippie. This site is simply a platform she uses to let people know about the things she does to stay fit and her diet.

Over the years, Bridgette has said a lot on her second website.  She has revealed that she is a vegetarian, loves natural beauty products, avoids using deodorants sometimes, and is gluten-free.

Life Before Fame

Bridgette is famous because she is married to a prominent rapper. However, before getting married to DF, she had a life. While growing up, Bridgette had lots of personal challenges and inner difficulties about her weight. On her website, she spoke about her weight gain because of her lack of attention to her health because she was feeling overwhelmed.

She made it known that a combination of workouts and a strict diet helped her lose weight. After this weight loss, she still was not satisfied. She revealed that she always felt apprehensive, and she found being skinny challenging to maintain.

Although she worked very hard to lose weight, she ended up putting on this weight. Nonetheless, Bridgette made up her mind to maintain a healthy lifestyle after seeing her father’s bad eating habits when he came around for her graduation.

She made it known that she made up her mind to start life all over again and live the life she always dreamt about when she graduated from Washington State University.


Bridgette Doremus is happily married to American rapper DF, and she frequently posts pictures of him on Instagram.

About the Hubby Nate Feuerstein

Bridgette’s husband, professionally known as NF, did not have a very palatable time growing up. He and his siblings lived with their single mother and her boyfriend. Their mother’s boyfriend constantly abused them. However, the rapper did not let the events he experienced while growing up affect him. Instead of letting it affect him, he learnt lots of lessons that have molded him into the person he is today.

What Do Bridgette and Her Husband Have in Common

Bridgette and her husband might be enjoying marital bliss presently. Their lives, however, were not always rosy. They both had rough pasts, and this is perhaps something that they have in common.

Beyond just having rough pasts, Bridgette and her husband have other things in common. They both love what they do.

Bridgette is a fitness guru and is very much interested in staying healthy and keeping others healthy. Due to how interested in staying healthy, Bridgette only eats dairy and gluten-free foods. That’s not all. She avoids meat and only eats Fish.

That’s not all. Bridgette is a blogger and has already put up a good number of cookbooks targeted at people interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Finally, she owns a clothing line.

About Her Husband

It is common knowledge that Bridgette is married to NF, a famous rapper (see the NF Net Worth page). Although they met while he was still upcoming, he has gone from being a forthcoming rapper to a very established one over the years. He came to the limelight after dropping a self-named EP in 2014. An album followed this. He has won several awards and is often referred to as a Christian rapper. However, he does not recognize himself as one.

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