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Charlie Zelenoff Wiki (Bio, Age, Boxer, What Happened, Record, Bully, Height)

To many of his loyal fans on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, Charlie Zelenoff goes by the nickname Z-Money.

Charlie is probably one of the most disliked people on Instagram, gauging from the outrageous responses he gets from his critics.

Currently, Zelenoff boasts of a 331-0 straight unbeaten record, a part of a winning streak he often celebrates on his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Typical boxers strive to build their reputation within official bounds and the fighting ring.

Charlie isn’t a typical boxer. He frequently visits the streets and boxing stations around California, requesting all kinds of below-average boxers to fight him.

Most people believe that the self-proclaimed victor relies on his dirty and uncouth tactics to influence his wins.

Zelenoff is often with a friend who records all his videos. He claims the recordings are enough evidence to back his unbeaten run and make him the next world champion.

All his videos are either on YouTube, at Charlie Zelenoff TV or on Instagram, @p4goat.

Charlie’s path is also surrounded by controversy. He’s fought more professional and tougher boxers, including Deontay Welder, and one of the world’s all-time great, Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Zelenoff may be dubbed a guileful boxer, a mentally unstable wannabee, or a loser who doesn’t know how to win.

Still, there’s a lot of interesting history and career controversy about this brutish boxer than the internet domain knows. That’s why we unravel and present to you his life in black and white.

Charlie’s early life, career, and controversy

Early life and inspiration

Charlie’s parents moved into the United States after they emigrated from Russia.

Charlie is of Russian descent. However, he was born in America in July 1988, grew up in Los Angeles, California, and even bears American nationalism.

Charlie says his passion for boxing started when he was still young

He loved watching famous boxers on TV battle it out on the ring, and their tactics inspired him to follow the same path.

His parents were supportive of his boxing ambitions. However, Charlie doesn’t mention any other family members besides his folks – he might be an only child.

Charlie started boxing in 2008

Before his career took a controversial and blogging twist, Charlie Zelenoff made his debut appearance against Andrew Hartley.

In the official listings of, Charlie Zelenoff has only fought one match in his entire career. The fixture ended 0-1 in Andrew’s favor when Charlie spat out his gum protectors before the match ended. It was thus a disqualification and his official loss.

Nonetheless, official records don’t seem to bother the ‘boxing bully’ as he’s commonly known amongst haters and boxing enthusiasts.

Charlie’s career: he fights everyone

In many of his fights, Charlie often appears with a title belt. He claims it’s his UBF World Championship title, which is just but a beginning to the many other titles he plans to own soon.

After losing his first-ever official match inside the ring, Charlie sought to fight outside the ring. He fought anyone who accepted his money, and during the entire fight, filmed the action for his fans.

Many people, particularly professional boxers, hate him and call him out for his unprofessionalism.

After agreeing to fight, Charlie steps into the ring, and when the opponent is least expecting a blow, he does what he does best – throw his strongest punches.

Most of the time, he asks his opponents if they need more or have given up.

You can’t continue fighting someone who just thrashed you and anticipates to continue without giving you breathing space, so his paid and unprepared opponents admit their loss. Charlie doesn’t wait for the referee; he adds the unceremonious victory to his Instagram tally.

As of January 2021 and according to his @p4goat Instagram account, Charlie is 331-0 unbeaten.

The highs and lows

Probably if Charlie had beaten Floyd Mayweather Sr., or the professional and tactical Deontay Welder, the internet would take him more seriously.

Things took a drastic turn for Charlie when he asked Mayweather to join him for a fight in the ring. If you’ve watched the champion’s tactics, you’ll understand better his skills and how he treats his opponents.

Zelenoff wasn’t expecting any of Mayweather’s blows – he had to drag himself out of the ring. Afterward, he seemed he needed a cool shower more than boxing training.

Another star who put our boy on the spotlight is Deontay Welder. Unlike Mayweather who managed to keep his cool while fighting Zelenoff, Deontay was a lot angrier and determined to teach the internet boxer how to win a fight.

Luckily, Charlie survived Deontay’s wrath when good Samaritans saved him from being beaten to a pulp. Throughout the match, Charlie was running all around, trying to protect himself from Welder’s raining blows.

Another humiliating experience was Charlie’s fight with a sixteen-year-old from California. The teenager wasn’t as inexperienced as Zelenoff imagined.

The thrashing was not only embarrassing but also severe. After the public defeat that went viral, internet pundits took the opportunity to congratulate the young boy for teaching the proud man an introduction to boxing.


Keen investigators who believe Zelenoff’s career is worth highlighting created a documentary about the boxer’s life, winning, and ambitions. The film with the title ‘Troll Champion’ was recorded during his 147-0 record.

Despite the highlight, fans think Charlie has mental issues and is somewhat delusional. According to Charlie, he plans to continue his internet boxing gigs in coming years. He also says that when the time is ripe, he’ll take over all the global official boxing titles.

Some critics associate him to the famous cult, Illuminati. They think it’s the source of his delusions and psychological anomaly. Besides, several internet users believe that his boxing antics are a front for the sect.

Surprisingly, Charlie seems the least concerned with any allegations and perspectives about his career. He continues to reiterate his ambitions by thrashing as many lesser opponents as he can.

Charlie Zelenoff Net Worth and Romantic Life

Charlie’s net worth is between $200,000 and $500,000. He has many followers and subscribers on his social media accounts. He also continues to gain more fame with his controversies and fights.

Charlie could make remarkable progress in his boxing career – he only needs serious training. After that, everything else, including a higher net worth, will follow.

Everyone seems to know a lot about Charlie’s boxing career but little concerning the love of his life, Daria Zelenoff.

Even though his controversial boxing makes him a paparazzi target, Charlie keeps his wife in the shadows, except for a few moments where she appears in his celebration posts.

Daria’s involvement in Charlie’s celebrations reveals how close the lovebirds are, and the unyielding support she has for her husband, The Troll Champion.

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