Corrie Bird

Corrie Bird is one of the famous Boston Celtic’s primary legend’s kids, alongside of his other children Connor and Mariah. But despite the life and history of his other kids, Corrie is the eldest daughter, and the daughter of his relationship and marriage to his ex-wife Janet Codra. Larry Bird is no stranger to the public eye – being dubbed as the most famous and legendary basketball player in the world that has been around for decades. In this article, we’re going to talk some about his oldest daughter Corrie, and give you some info on her and the Bird family you may not have known.

Who is Corrie Bird?

Corrie Bird is the first daughter that Larry had with his previous wife, Janet Condra. Unlike Bird’s son Connor, Corrie is more of a prodigal child in the family. While Janet accused the NBA star of being a bad and negligent parent during his career and life, even with their adopted children, Corrie doesn’t seem to be the one who is striving for the fame and fortune that her father and brother have. More importantly, when her name does appear, it’s known that she followed a good life despite the fact that she was primarily ignored by Larry Bird for much of her life.

Here are some other interesting facts:

  • Corrie Bird is the Manager of a Family Medicine Department at the AP&S Clinic.
  • She is married to Trent Batson, and has been since May of 2008.
  • Corrie used to play basketball during her time in high school, and was a very good player.
  • Despite her seeking to carry out her Dad’s legacy as a child, she didn’t get anything from her father.
  • Corrie was born on Augst fourth of 1977 in the town of Brazil, Indiana.
  • Larry Bird and his ex-wife were high school sweethearts, but separated just before Corrie entered the world.

According to an article in 1993, Corrie requested that her mother attend numerous events with her at Boston Garden and her mother ignored them.

She was in the middle it seems, as most children were between a battle of parents. One parent telling people that the other didn’t do their job as a spouse – while the other does the same. In some cases, such as Connor’s, this can be disastrous, and even cause criminal behavior. On the other end though, this can push people to pursue success on their own, as it appears to have done for Corrie Bird.


Corrie is a word that is derived from English origin and means seething pool or ravine. Of course, the meaning of the name doesn’t actually mean that a child is going to be successful or unsuccessful. It’s more than likely that Larry Bird’s fame and success, along with the fact that the unfortunate events of her siblings and parent’s neglect sparked something in their daughter that made her want to succeed more. Add that to the fact that Connor being a troubled man, and you have a possible recipe of the desire to make it somewhere in life.

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