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You might have heard that the boxing world is in a frenzy because of this person’s internet troll and his fame which is self-proclaimed. Charlie Zelenoff also known as Z-Money which he likes calling himself, is a Russian-American national. He goes from one gym to another and challenges amateurs and claims that he won against each one of them and holds a record of his own.

Many people think that this person, Charlie is a bully or may be delusional. The community of boxing has made sure to ignore him. He was married to a Ukrainian Daria Zelenoff but according to many of his close acquaintances they are already divorced in 2017. More over his parents are also on top of the world as he has self-proclaimed a title of UBF World Champion. You can also see him posing with the belt to prove it.

Zelenoff also had a huge fan base on social media and even gained some amount of money from his YouTube Videos and Instagram. Until the YouTube account was blocked. Over the last 10 years he has been the topic of the gyms in West Hollywood. He still does what he has been doing for the past 10 years and has been trolling most of this time.

Married But Wife Daria Zelenoff Is Considered To Be a Mail Order Bride Who Supported Him

Zelenoff, who is 31-year-old, was married to a Ukrainian Daria Zelenoff for some time. Many reports stated that they have only dated for a few years before the actual wedding, but his wife Daria was just a mail-order bride who was selected to show that he’s not delusional. He even made a video to tell his viewers about how beautiful his wife is. He also has a lot of money to pay the fighters to fight a match against him.

When you look at their videos or her comments, you will find her very supportive about his ‘career’. She has told many reporters that it was not his boxing fight with other boxers that caused her to split up. However, they did divorce. The divorce happened back in December 2016. Well let’s say that she was his wife for real. The Court transcripts do say that he filed the divorce from Daria.

It Was Not Just Daria Who Was the Only Supporter of Zelenoff, His Stepfather Also Created Most of His Videos

He often showcases his belts which he has purchased, people were calling him out for not really having any money. He still lives with his parents, they are however his half parents, plus one. His stepfather, Eugene & mother, Tanya are very supportive of what he has been doing as well. His stepfather is one of the people who has filmed many of his videos and also says that he is the best fighter which this world can ever have. He was quoted saying “Charlie is my son. Not only is he a great fighter. He is a great son”. He said this in response to his comments to one of his son’s critics on social platforms.

The followers he has are mostly haters, many people follow him to put on hate comments, which is expected, rightly so. However, there are some real followers too who like him, but they are not seen often these days.

The Kim Kardashian Obsession & Change.Org Petition; Came along another Restraining Order

The Law of the country has come very hard in the past for Zelenoff. Some of this charges were caused because of his interest in many girls. They were not just regular girls. Zelenoff had chased Kim Kardashian of all the girls in the year 2011, it was just and online chasing though. He also had added a petition on the website change.org which had a bizarre subject title ‘Become Charlie Zelenoff’s Girlfriend’ and the crazy part is it had 10 supporters as well.

However, all his requests failed for him. He even tried many times to book a date with the model but later on was seen in many photoshopped photos on several social media websites which were dedicated to Kardashian. There was a video online where he had taken a video of red high heels which had told his followers that he had bought for the model. However, later in the video his interest changed to Nicki Minaj.

In August 2019, there was a restraining order from the U.S. District Court judge as Jillian Bobinski who was also an actress, reported him to the law officials for harassing her.

It is very crazy that he has called himself a world class fighter and a boxer but in reality, he goes around punching without home and guys delivering pizzas. He was once arrested when he hit a pizza guy. He got a sentence of 36 months of probation along with 15 days of community service due to a charge in early February 2019. In that same month there was another charge of 36 months of probation and 36 days of community service the second tie as well.

You might as well think that how someone can win Despite a Boxer Recording 0-1. He claims that he has a boxer’s record of 240-0 or may be more, he says that it was automatically decided after his record win, that he would be the Greatest of all Time, aka G.O.A.T. However, no official records showcase these wins and hence these are known as his self-proclaimed wins. The only match which he had won was against Andrew Hartley in the welterweight title, Andrew had lost in 2008. This is when he had started his personalized winning spree.

He has won these streaks because of the trick he follows. He would invite fighters for sparring. He would make sure that the camera was set, the invitation seemed like he was being very modest, but as soon as the fight would start his style would totally change. Sometimes he would hit the opponent who was not ready for the spar. This is how he would win in the sparring matches.

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