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Jay Ryan’s Girlfriend – Dianna Fuemana Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Net Worth)

Dianna and her partner are perhaps one of the most beloved celebrity couples in the world. She is the long-term girlfriend of celebrated actor Jay Ryan. He has appeared in several significant roles, like in Mary Kills Wisely.

However, his defining role is arguably his part in Beauty and the Beast. Since the beginning, he has gained the love of his adoring fans worldwide. Dianna has also, in her own right, carved an excellent career.


She was born and grew in New Zealand. However, her entire heritage does not lie there. She has roots in Samoa. Her mother moved to New Zealand in the sixties from Samoa to be with her husband.

Dianna’s father and siblings had moved from Niue to New Zealand. At the time, there was a domestic dispute that led to her mother staying in America. After they resolved the issues, she went to New Zealand, back to her family.

Dianna has written a play that she dedicated to her mother. The play is titled Falemalama after her mother and tells her story from when she lived in Samoa and moved to New Zealand. Her mother’s name is Falemalama Fuemana.

Dianna has seven siblings, some of whom are older than her. Some of them were not born in New Zealand like her but rather moved there with their father. She has not provided a lot of information about her heritage and family.


Dianna is an accomplished playwright. Her first play is called Mapaki. She wrote it in nineteen ninety-nine and was shown first in New Zealand Pacific Theatre before showcasing abroad in the United States and Athens in Greece.

The play follows the story of a Niuean Fisi who has suffered as a consequence of domestic violence. It follows her on the journey she takes to improve her life and get free from the constant abuse.

It went on to bag a nomination for an outstanding new writer and best upcoming actress of that year at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards. Her career has been on an upward curve from then on, and she has gone on to write award-winning plays.

Numerous acclaimed critics have described Dianna’s art as a well-crafted piece of artistry. She has written plays that have played in her home country and the international stage alike. Among her well-performing plays are Jingle Bells written and played in two thousand and one.

The Packer and My Mother Dreaming were written two years apart in two thousand and three and two thousand and five. Falemalama and Birds are her most recent plays written in two thousand and nine and twenty-twelve.

Her work has toured countries like Australia, Greece, America, Canada, Niue, and the United Kingdom. She has graced the most popular stages in the theatre’s circuit featuring in some of her plays.

Ryan has also acted in some of Dianna’s plays. It is rare to find life partners that work together in the film and theatre industries. However, in support of her plays and recognition of her craftsmanship, Jay featured in The Packer with Dianna.

Awards and Recognition

She is undoubtedly an accomplished playwright. Her works have won her recognition and awards all over the world. She has also gotten numerous opportunities to work with recognized talented artists.

For three years, beginning in two thousand and three, she got an opportunity to work for Auckland City Council as an art adviser. She has been a panelist on the Auckland Readers and Writers panel.

She holds the Pacific Innovation and Excellence Award of two thousand and eight. She has won two other awards, Creative New Zealand and the Pasifika Awards. She has also expanded her horizons to target the Hollywood market.

In twenty-twelve, she completed an internship at Killer Films in New York that was jointly supported by the Film Investment Corporation Foundation and the New Zealand Film Commission.

At this company, she made her connections with Hollywood directors and writers, and other talented artists worldwide.


She met Jay Ryan at a theatre company in Auckland. They did not begin their relationship until later. They had stayed good friends until then. They were sometimes seen together in award shows, but they said they were only best friends.

Later, they kicked off their romantic relationship, and soon after, in twenty-thirteen, they were expecting their first child together.  They have a daughter called Eve Bunyan, who the couple has chosen to keep away from the limelight.

Both Dianna and her partner keep a low profile when it comes to their personal and family lives. This is why there are no scandals involving them in the media and why their relationship has survived this long.

Jay admitted in an interview that he had previously not thought of himself as a father. After Eve was born, he was overjoyed and began doing everything in his power to make the world a better place for her.

Eve is her first child with Jay, but she has two other children from her previous relationship. There are no details about them because they do not live with her. Their names are Solomon and Reid, a son and daughter.

Directorial Debut

Up until now, she had only been a writer and actress. She had gained much recognition from her work, so she thought of growing into other fields like in the industry’s directorial space.

She wrote a short story, which she later directed. It was called Sunday Fun Day and was about a transgender teenager and a solo mother. It outlined their challenges from both their point of view. Ryan also directed the film with Dianna.

The film was shown first at the New Zealand International Film Festival. In twenty-nineteen, she teamed up with eight other female directors for a movie called Vai. The directors shot it on seven pacific islands where they lived.

It followed the story of Vai, a woman influenced by different cultures.


Dianna has been able to build a successful career and in the process made her parents proud. She has also grown her family with Jay Ryan without any scandal. As her career takes off, she is sure to have his support and cheer.

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