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Dolores O’Riordan’s Husband – Don Burton Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Kids)

Don Burton is a high-level music executive. Although he has had a great professional career, he is not famous for this reason. Instead, he is popular for being the husband of  Dolores O’Riordan, the lead singer of “The Cranberries”. Don Burton worked as the tour manager of “Duran Duran”, a famous British band. After getting married to Dolores, the Canadian also worked with ‘The Cranberries’ as a manager.

Early Life

Don Burton was born in Canada on the 27th of January, 1962. While growing up in Canada, he always looked forward to working in the music industry. Although his dream was beautiful, the absence of a godfather in the music sector meant it would not be the easiest of plans to achieve. Unlike other children his age that were addicted to drugs, Don developed an addiction to music. While growing up, he played in a band that is still unknown.

Don’s parents were not into music. His father owned a trucking business. This means he did not make only music at any point in his life. While making music by the side, he worked with his father in the trucking business. Prior to starting his music career, he was an administrative officer in his father’s firm. 

Although Burton has some achievements to his name, he is not recognized for his other successes. He merely is famous for getting married to Dolores O’Riordan, a famous Irish singer

Life as a Professional

At the beginning of his career, Don Burton worked in his father’s firm. He was an administrative officer. Although he was doing okay as an administrative officer, he was not satisfied as his dream was to make music. Due to this, he was always searching for an opportunity to make it into the music industry. After searching for a reasonably long time, he got an offer to be the tour manager of “Duran Duran” a British band.

Although working with “Duran Duran” was great for Don, beyond the success he enjoyed working with this band, he met Dolores, the love of his life. 

Burton met Dolores when “The Cranberries” and “Duran Duran” went on tour together. After their meeting, he went ahead to bring “The Cranberries” to his firm and started managing them in 1994.

Don’s Relationship with Dolores

Don and Dolores first met in the 90s when their bands were on tour together. Not long after their first meeting, they fell in love with each other. In an interview with the Irish Independent, Dolores revealed that the tour manager of “The Cranberries” told her Don liked her, and all she could think about was his size.

After a short romance, they soon fell over hills for each other. To show her love for Don, Dolores made a tattoo of his name on her shoulder. After dating for six months, they decided to get married. Their wedding took place at the Holy Cross Abbey in July 1994.

Don and Dolores’ wedding was not just like any other wedding. It was a lavish party. Dolores was dressed in a pony and trap. She also wore a transparent dress, lace tights, and boots that were as high as the knee. Just like his bride, Burton was not dressed conventionally. He arrived at his wedding wearing snakeskin and leather. He also arrived on a horse, and this horse conveyed the couple to the event center where they had their wedding celebration. Lots of celebrities attended this wedding celebration.

After their wedding, Don and Dolores regularly traveled between Dublin and his hometown. However, in 1996, they settled in Canada permanently. Their union produced three children. They are Dakota Rains, born in April 2005, Molly Leigh born January 2001, and Taylor Baxter born November 1997.

Although Dolores was a superstar when they got married, she slowed down on her career and spent a lot of time with her family. She needed to do this as her children and family were her topmost priorities. No doubt, she enjoyed the attention she got as a celebrity, but she preferred being a mother.

In 2009, Dolores had an interview with The Independent. In this interview, she revealed that she enjoyed life in Canada because it allowed her to live like a regular person. She had the privilege to visit her children’s classroom and become a volunteer at their school.

The End of Don’s Romance with Dolores

The marriage between Don and Dolores seemed like something that was not going to end. Although one can say that their marriage lasted the test of time, just like lots of celebrity marriages, it finally came to an end after two decades. 

Unlike lots of marriages where infidelity is the cause of separation, the reason for the end of Don and Dolores’ marriage is still unknown. 

After the end of their marriage, Dolores relocated to Ireland while her husband had custody of the children. Although unconfirmed, there are rumors that Dolores got involved with a new partner.

Controversies and Rumors

In the same fashion as lots of celebrities, Don and his wife are not free from controversy. Some might say it is their fault they were involved in lots of controversies. Nonetheless, it’s almost impossible to stay away from controversies when in the limelight. In 2004, Don, alongside his ex-wife were charged to court. Their former nanny charged them for breach of contract and false imprisonment. However, they won the case.

That’s not all. Just before their divorce, Dolores was alleged to have assaulted a police officer, as well as an air hostess. She was arrested for this. After her arrest, she was charged to court. However, this case came to an end in 2016, and the singer had to pay a fine of $6000.

How much is Don Burton Worth?

Don Burton had a great career as the tour manager of “Duran Duran”. He also moved on to manage Dolores’ band. Due to this, it is believed he has a very healthy net worth. Unlike his ex-wife that had a net worth of $25 million, Don’s net worth is unknown.

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